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Ninety mins.....


Just follow the plan
Fingers crossed for a nice big loss x
Good luck! Got me fingers crossed for ya! :D
Good luck - let us know how you get on x
Thanks everyone!

Not only did I not have a good loss - I did not get a loss at all!:tear_drop:


I'm absolutely gutted. Really REALLY upset - I couldn't stay for the class - nor did I want to.

I've been really good this week - even buying a bike and biking to work all week.:confused::sigh::tear_drop:


Just follow the plan
There you go, I jinxed you. Wont wish you luck next week lol. Aww, its a shame but it could be due to the increased exercise? Not sure how that works but my DH (fitness freak) says it can happen at first.


I ate my willpower!
Have you been drinking lots?

Have you had all your syns?

How much exercise have you been doing?

Have you taken your measurements?

How much did you lose last week?
I'm sure it's just a blip hun :) I reckon next week you should be in for a decent loss.

I know it's disheartening, but try and think of your weight loss over the month, rather than week by week. It's the general trend that counts, not the occasional blip ;)

Wishing you luck for next week - fingers crossed! :) xxxx
I do drink plenty and I have used my syns - couple of drink-drinks with dinner.
I lost 5lb last week which I know is good and I shouldn't complain - I just am so shocked to have gained.

I only bike to work (about 10 mins either way) and I don't know my measurements.
I'll snap out of it - just feeling a bit sorry for myself. I was really hoping for 3lb as this would have taken me to an important (to me) landmark...


Is so very nearly there!
Oh whats a lb - you can lose that and the advice on exercise could be right - be careful and maybe cycle to wk once or twice and build up that way - slowly is the key.

You will get there..:)x
Also - if you've not been used to excercise.. it could be your body retaining water. I find that if i do any form of excercise that i'm not used to, my muscles really ache, and seem to swell.

I dunno what this is, but my face gets really puffy too - so i'm assuming it's water retention. Goes after a couple of days though. Just a though that it might be something along those lines for you too?


Is so very nearly there!
You know what Claire?

You are so right!!! At the risk of being vulgar - one bowel movement and that's the lb gone!

Onwards and Up(down)wards ;)

Thanks for all your kind words last night - it really helped
Exactly mate, it will go next week :)

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