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Ninja Pro's food diary

Sooo we started today!! I have to eat quite alot (or try too) because I work out and need to feed my body :D

So here goes!


Breakfast : - gym ( I never eat b4 I work out as it makes me sluggish)

Snack:- (Straight after gym) x2 chicken drumsticks from Sainsburys freshly cooked counter

Lunch :- x2 eggs scrambled with small grating of cheddar.
x2 grilled bacon

Dinner : Baked Chicken breast, wrapped in parma ham, small grating of cheddar
baked asparagus

Tea : x2 srambled eggs (tiny amount of grated cheese)
x2 bacon
Sauted mushrooms

Extras : 1oz soya Milk in coffee. (Approx)

Activity: Gym :1hr 45 mins
Heavy gardening :2hrs + normal everyday

Totals: Carbs :13.0g
Fat: 67.5g
Protein : 137.6g

A busy day! Today I will try and eat less bacon! It was just easier yesterday!

*Oh and I will be eating more veg today lol
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Clean green leafy machine
Sounds good Ninja - except for the complete absence of any leafy greens! You really should try and get some down you, they will help, promise :) That, and lots of water :)
Sounds good Ninja - except for the complete absence of any leafy greens! You really should try and get some down you, they will help, promise :) That, and lots of water :)
I know!! lol. Im working on it today! Gonna try for 2-3 leafy salads and 1 or two portions of cooked veg! I fancy some peppers today. Im not keen on salad/leafy stuff, but I will train myself! :D


Clean green leafy machine
I was much the same but now love a big handful of iceberg or little gem lettuce, or steamed cabbage, with just about any protein.

If you're following Induction there's an A and B list for veg - peppers are quite high on carbs and are on the B list, you can have a mug but only after you've had 2 mugs of things off the A list.

Enjoy :)


This is for life
Hi ninja - welcome;)

Worth experimenting to see what you like - dh has been (again lol)! Latest is parmesan coated courgette slices - yummy:D
Monday 27/06/2011
I felt absolutley TRASHED today!! Really wiped out!! I went to the gym and I just couldnt do THAT much! And then when I got home, I just went rapidly down hill :-(

I was so fatigued I went to sleep for an hr! Which I never do that. It might be the heat aswell, but my limbs felt so heavy. Also had a mild headache before bed, which I think would have been worse had I not drank about 3L throughout the day and evening.

On a brighter note- I completed WK 1, Day 1 of my Couch 2 5K running program! Something which I've wanted to do for years :)

Breakfast : Gym ;-)

Snack : x2 sainsburys mini chicken Satay sticks (@ 0.3 carb each, of which 0.1 sugars they are a great post workout snack)

Lunch : A whole tin of sardines in olive oil and BIG salad with mayo.

Dinner : 195g Rump steak
Large salad and cucumber + Mayo
1 Chipolata sausage ( Its 1.9 carbs for 2 and 0 of which sugars)

Snacks: x2 boiled eggs
x3 chicken satay sticks.

Totals : Carbs :16.6g
Fat : 82.4g
Pro : 119.1g

Couldnt eat anymore, totally drained! But I REALLY enjoyed that steak, couldnt have anything like that on Weight Watchers! lol

Oh yes, also been sticking to the 2 cups of coffee/tea a day Atkins recommends. And defo NO Redbulls!
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Tuesday 28/06/2011 Day 3

Felt like poo ALL DAY :(

Coulddnt even bring myself to go to the gym...my limbs felt like lead...

Breakfast : x2 eggs scambled with a small grating of cheese
Coffee - dash of soya milk

Snack : x4 Sainsbury's mini satay chicken sticks.

Lunch : Chicken breast wrapped in parma ham,
Large salad- leaves, cucumber, mayo

Snack: 2 boiled eggs in salad- leaves, cucumber, mayo

: Chicken breast wrapped in parma ham (again lol)
Large salad - leaves, cucumber, mayo
green beans
Coffee- dash of soya milk
2 paracetomol

Felt so much better now... Coffee and pararacetomal??

Gym : 50 mins of weight training

Snack : 1 scrambled egg
x2 bacon

Totals : Carbs : 14.9g
Fat : 137g
Pro: 174.2g

New plan for today (Wednesday) limit my eggs and cut out cheese. Reason being, cheese has always had a neg affect on me and I havent been *ahem* to the 'toilet' in 2 days...Too many boiled eggs?! And I'm drinking 2.5-3L of water daily.


Clean green leafy machine
Sounds like Atkins flu to me, hun - just means your body is detoxing from all the effects of lots of sugar and carbs - you will get through it very soon, I promise - and then you'll feel loads better :)


This is for life
Be nice to yourself if you think it's atkins flu and take it easy!! you really will feel much better soon!
Well since I upped my coffee I do feel alot better! I did wake up feeling ok today aswell too. So I think I'm over the worst. But I really couldnt say whether I'm in ketosis or not...I've had an energy burst today. But whether thats due to upping my coffee or ketosis, I really couldnt say. I'm still a bit moody :-/

Going to the gym tonight to do my Day 2, Couch 2 5 K so hopefully that doesnt wipe me out! But it will be worth it!!

Thanks :))
Wednesday 29/06/2011

Bit of a frustrating day yesterday (Wed)...but all's well today!! (thurs)

Breakfast : 1 egg scrambled

Lunch : Half tin tuna,
mug of salad
olive oil

Dinner : x2 lamb chops
fried 1 cup of cabbage and bacon (1slice)
olive oil

Gym : 30 mins of alternate walking/jogging
25 mins of weights

Snack : slice of bacon

Totals : Fat: 117.6g
Pro : 84.1g
Carbs: 15g

Felt quite good all day, was exhausted after gym tho.
Hi - just reading your diary how are you finding doing your gym stuff and Atkins? Are you more tired than before? Can you lift the same weights?

Oh and just being nosey are you finding by doing weight you're body is toning better now? Does all the protein help with that?

I do mainly cardio (got back into running) but feel I should be doing resistance stuff too - any thoughts / insights would be great thank you xx

Doing cardio stuff absolutely drains me now....so i'm rying to limit that. Couch 2 5K, 3x a week.

But, as for weights, honestly since I've been eating more protein, which has actually been longer than my 5 days on Atkins, I've not lost and maintained muscle tone and, infact its increased by alot more, I can feel it now. If I was on something like Weight Watchers, I wouldnt be able to maintain it and build because it restricts things like protein, I think. And even healthy fats tend to add up the points.

My recovery time is shorter in between weight days, more so since been on Atkins. And my muscles dont ache as much. Even though I'm putting more kg's on.

Overall, I would say that weights are probably better for this kind of WOE. And I think you burn quite a lot of calories and tone up better doing weights than too much cardio. I will still do my cardio but like, I said limit it.

Hope this helps!
Oh very interesting I must say and of course I know that weight training also increases your metabolism to blast fat (during and after the exercise) but I have a blindspot and think that pounding the pavements must surely work ...... but scales indicate otherwise!!

So I have the 30 day shred will give it a go in addition to my running as weirdly I enjoy it!

Will be interesting to see how increased protein helps or hinders! :)

Thanks xx
30 day shred! I've heard of that! I havent the courage to do it tho lol.

I think, the protein rule is approx:

0.8 x your lean body muscle mass in pounds and then thats how many grams of protein you should have a day. (you can weigh yourself on a scale in Boots and it will measure your body fat)

Now thats for someone who works out 1hr a day 5-6 days a week.

For someone who does more its 0.9.

So for example : Me

I have 33% body fat. I'm 148lb (at my last 'official' weigh in)

148 - 33% = 99.1 (lean muscle mass)
99.1 x 0.7 = 69.37

So I should eat a minimun of approx 80g.

Or theres another one, for people on LC diets your body weight in lbs divided by 2.2. I think this is more suitable for people with more sedentry lifestyles tho...

Well, you can see how much I eat in my diary!

The only downfall of eating too much protein on Atkins, i've read (I read alot lol) is it may slow weight loss. So the 30% protein, 5% carb and 65% fat is a good rule to follow.

I read too much......lol

Good luck on the shred!!
Thanks love you do read a lot (and I thought I did) there is just so much confusion/misinformation/differing opinions re low carb and exercise, protein intake and exercise .... just everything really!

I haven't got into the details of my percentages re fat/protein/ carbs just trying to limit carbs and lose some more weight, increase my fitness and then tone up - so not much then!

Anyway thanks for all the info xx

Really good day! Got my Ketostix and I'm in ketosis! Sooo thirsty tho!!

Breakfast : - Went out early, hunting for ketostix suppliers!

Lunch: x2 boiled eggs
small salad
olive oil

Dinner : chicken breast wrapped in parma ham
Homemade creamy mushroom and tarragon sauce (yum)
olive oil

Gym : 30 mins moderate cardio
25 mins ab workout

Snack : Home seasoned chicken drumsticks x3

totals: Fat : 131.6g = 66%
Carbs : 16.1g = 3%
pro: 128.8g = 31%

Overall a fab day!!

Lost approx 2 1/2lb!!! but I'm not gonna post it up till my official weigh in day on Monday.

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