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Ninnins grub

Well Ive lost a grand total of 3lbs in 2 months so thought I better start a food diary to see if anyone can spot anything im doing wrong.

Feel free to comment

Going to do a few red days this week to see if that shakes things up a bit

Monday 31st Jan

banana (slept in!)

homemade tomato soup-FREE, cheese toastie-HEA, HEB + 2syns , homemade coleslaw 3syns

Mid Afternoon
1 extra strong mint-1 syn? (need to check) 1 crisp nicked from my friend-1 syn?

stir fried veg (chinese leaf, beansprouts, pak choi, green beans) all FREE, sea bass-FREE, soy sauce-FREE, seasame oil-1/2 syn, oyster sauce-1syn, honey-1syn

grapes, strawberries, broken up meringue nest and banana and custard ML-3 syns for meringue

Milk Chocolate fibre plus bar - HEB

Total syns - 12 1/2

Healthy extras - A1 milk in tea/coffee, A2 28g cheddar, B1 wholemeal bread, B2 fibre plus bar

Exercise - body pump :character00116:
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Much the same today-i live alone so tend to have the same thing few days running to use it up but then wont have it again for a month or so

Tuesday 1st Feb

28g puffed wheat and semi skimmed milk - HEA1 and HEB1

homemade tomato soup-FREE, cheese toastie-HEA2, HEB2 + 2syns , homemade coleslaw 3syns

banana, 1 stolen crisp 1 syn

stir fried veg (chinese leaf, beansprouts, pak choi) all FREE, sea bass-FREE, soy sauce-FREE, seasame oil-1/2 syn, oyster sauce-1syn, honey-1syn

Vanilla ML, strawberries, grapes, broken up meringue nest - 3syns

Total syns - 11 1/2

Healthy extras - A1 milk, A2 28g cheddar, B1 puffed wheat, B2 wholemeal bread

Exercise - gym

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding tonight-horray!

Am feeling very organised, have my breakfast sitting wrapped up in cling film in case running late tomorrow morning and i need to eat it once get into work, cheese measured out and wrapped up with bread, last of the tomato soup in a container and another with coleslaw in it. Also remembered to lift the fish out of the freezer for tomorrows dinner. Go me!
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Wednesday 2nd Feb


homemade tomato soup-FREE, cheese toastie-HEA, HEB + 2syns , homemade coleslaw 3syns

cod, river cobbler, prawns, smoked salmon, courgette, broccoli, mushrooms, onion and 50g chive philli- 4syns

Still hungry after dinner so had the weetabix I had planned to have this morning-1 chocolate, 1 normal - HEB + 1syn

Total syns - 10

Healthy extras - A1 ss milk, A2 28g cheddar, B1 wholemeal bread, B2 weetabix
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Thursday 3rd Feb

Work late on a Thurs and also go to zumba so having my main meal for lunch and something small and quick before zumba

poached egg on toast and red sauce - HEB + 2syns for bread, 2 syns for ketchup

cod, river cobbler, smoked salmon, courgette, mushrooms, onion and 30g chive philli- 2 syns

weetabix-1 chocolate, 1 normal - HEA + HEB + 1 syn
orange - FREE


Total syns - 7

Healthy extras - A1 ss milk, B1 wholemeal bread, B2 weetabix

Exercise - Zumba and kettlebells
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Friday 4th Feb

grapes, ML and fibre plus bar - HEB1

Tuna, onion and mayo sandwich-HEB2 + 2syns (bread), 4 syns mayo (2tbsp light mayo)

speedy prawn curry from curry heaven with cauliflower rice and naan bread- 8 syns


Total Syns - 14

Healthy Extras - A1 ss milk in tea/coffee, B1 fibre plus bar, B2 wholemeal bread

First time i had made the cauliflower rice and it was quite tasty.

Will be having a sneaky weigh in tomorrow morning as out for a meal and drinks on Sat I would like to know if my red week has had any effect before I have god knows how many syns and undo and difference! Will still only record Mon morn WI which is my official one.
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Saturday 5th Feb

Out with friends for a meal and night on the town tonight for my birthday, the menu isnt available online and they change it quite a lot so not sure what Ill be having. Will keep it as syn free and neutral as possible and decide what day when I get there. Obviously will be a flexi day! So excited about getting all dolled up-feel like i havent been out in ages!

Sneaky peek - lost 4lbs!!!!

half canteloupe melon, fibre plus bar - HEB

omelette - milk and cheese from A allowance, mushrooms, onions, eggs
banana and ML

starter-prawns and tomatoes in chilli and garlic oil with bread
main-seabass, wilted greens, garlic saute potatoes
was amazing! didnt have dessert
countless vodka and diet cokes

Total syns - far too many!

Healthy extras - A milk/cheese in omlette, B fibre plus bar
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Sunday 6th Feb

comfort food as a little delicate after last night-cheese toastie and cup of tea - HEA + HEB + 2syns

ended up at my mum and dads, she made paella-just syns for oil cant have been more than 2tbsps so will just say 12 syns? HEB for seabass

orange, ML

Total syns - 14?

Not the best day fruit and veg wise!

Have been trying to drink plenty today to minimise the effect of last night for WI tomorrow. Best birthday present would be to reach 6st which is 3.5lbs.

Also got into a size 14 dress today, its a little snug at the minute but I have 5 weeks to make it more comfortable.

Was out shopping all afternoon so didnt get planning my meals for the week or do food shopping so im gonna have to wing it for a few days til wed with whats in the house.
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Monday 7th Feb

Weigh in -4lbs :party0011:

half canteloupe, ML

sweet chilli crab toastie - HEB1 + 2syns (bread) + 1.5syns (SC sauce)

milky way-only ate half as made me feel sick it was so sweet 2.5syns

2 Linda McCartney sausages (4syns), "fried" mushrooms, onions and eggs, baked beans (142g=HEB)

Total syns - 10

Healthy Extras - ss milk in tea/coffee HEA, wholemeal bread HEB1, baked beans HEB2

Exercise - body pump
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