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im prone to them - curly hair and i wash it twice a day, and i have lots of lil nieces, nephews, and 2 year old friends.

Not very glam eh? xxxx
Mine is curly too... and v long... was blonde yesterday then went red and God alone knows what it'll be like after these chemicals have done their stuff!
Nippin' me eyes .... :cry:!


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Yesterday I spent £60 getting my hair cut and coloured and tonight I am sitting doused in nit lotion!
My DS (age 6) keeps catching them and passing them to me! This is the 6th time in 2 years!!!:mad:

My cure for prevention...discovered many, many years ago when I was still at school with hair down to my waist.

Every time you wash your hair comb through conditioner leave it on for a few minutes and raise off in warm, not hot water.

It also helps if there are nits already to use a fine tooth comb for the first couple of times and get rid of any creepy crawlies that might be clinging on for dear life...

The conditioner coats the strands of hair which makes it near to impossible for nits to lay their eggs on.

Used the same method on my son after his first contamination starting school and he was free there after.

Love Mini xxx


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I have a daughter who is prone to them ,I now use a tea tree based conditionor (they dont like smell!!!) and use the nit comb once a week which fingers crossed is keeping them at bay.This I think is a lot better than the stuff that is used to sort them out give it a go it works for us xxx


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Nits are just bleurgh.... my daughter who has almost waist length hair gets them quite regular.... never had a problem with the boys but she managed to give them to my eldest... he was mortified...:eek:

Tea-tree.... they hate tea-tree..... we use tea-tree shampoo and conditioner and do a comb through once a week with a nit comb.... I also bought some 'Aussie' leave-in conditioner which contains tea-tree....

Now my head is jumping..... thanks.....:rolleyes:;)


Taking Back Control...!!!
I have a daughter who is prone to them ,I now use a tea tree based conditionor (they dont like smell!!!) and use the nit comb once a week which fingers crossed is keeping them at bay.This I think is a lot better than the stuff that is used to sort them out give it a go it works for us xxx

lol our posts crossed but almost the exact same advice.... see Mrs Pink it does work...!!!:D


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DS2 used to get nits and pass them to me. Dear child.

I tried all the lotions to no avail, but eventually we found a cure.

Leaving in conditioner (as others have said), but more importantly, nit comb very regularly and long after they have disappeared to catch the newbies ;)

I did morning and evening with DS. Can't remember how long for, but when I was sure we had beaten it, I reduced it to fortnightly...then stopped.

Oh, we did try some tea tree spray stuff we found in asda. Didn't give it a fair trial though as we kept 'losing' it:confused:


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My DD got head lice/nits regularly from school & I tried everything - she too had waist lenght hair, which I ended up cutting off into a jaw length bob so that I could comb out the nits. The only product I ever found to work was DELACET - its a green thin herbal lotion, suitable for dreadlocks, thick hair, coloured & permed hair, not tested on animals etc etc etc.... She never got them again!

She has since grown her hair and I have found that as she has started to become hormonal and now gets greasy hair - lice dont wanna know!

My DS only ever caught them once from his big sis & has had short hair ever since.

You can order it from chemists - that's the correct spelling as I keep a bottle 'just in case...'

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My 7yr old daughter has had nits at least 5 times in the last 2 years :(:mad: She also has waist length hair, I know I shouldn't but I have used the over the counter shampoo and (fingers crossed as I type!) she's not had them for about 4 months now. BUT my 14yr old son had them a few months ago! He's got quite long hair, past his shirt collar, which is very prone to grease and that didn't stop him catching them :rolleyes:
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We used to do the comb-through once a week - I'd slap the cheapest conditioner I could find onto dry hair and then comb through with the nit comb.

I feel for you - am scratching in sympathy
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Of course, it's not just their heads that need treating, bedding needs to be hot washed and changed every day, pillows and towels too. Any hair bobbles need to be either washed or thrown away and combs. The mattress needs to be vacumed completely and turned over each day. Their clothes, even the furniture needs to be vacumed or wiped down to make sure that any eggs aren't dropped and hatch that way, they can live for 18 hours away from the scalp! :eek: Oh and the car headrest too, basically anything that their heads touch!


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Ah the glamour of kids eh?!! Part of the joy of my birthday was delousing the girls! :rolleyes: The tips given are what I would have said - gonna have a look for that delacet. I'm very lucky - they don't seem to like the taste of my head so leave me alone!! :eek:
Like many mothers on here i feel like a world expert on nits.
Over the years I'v tried all the available stuff.

don't like the insecticidal shampoos on principal & any way the problem of resistance is worsening.

tried the battery powered combs that electrocute the beasts, but wore the insultion off the bottom of the teeth & the kids complained of scalp pain.

Tea tree & other conditiones certainly help & the slippier the hair the easier they are to remove.

IMHO the best thing is the Nitty Gritty Comb. See nittygritty.co.uk.
the specia long spirally made teeth are better at removing lice & eggs than any other comb I've used. regular use will get rid of them all.
re-infestation is just down to luck & who your child plays with.

I've got one boywith short hair, one girl with ultra fine long hair which normal combs were almost ineffective on as the combined hair-nit bulk seemed to pass between the teeth, but not the nitty-gritty. & one teenage long, greasy & extremely thick hair.the problm with her was that her hair is too thick for ordinary combs to penetrate to the skull.

I haven't got shares in the company (honest) but probably should have.


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yep, no nit nurse anymore :(

An old friend of mine wrote a nit song :D


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Have sound on, and use the forward and play button :D


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my hairdresser told me to smother hair in mayonase & leave it in overnight, she got that from Readers Digest. It worked & it doesn't smell & is chemical free
Thanks guys! Glad I am not alone!
Will try the tea tree and will look for Delacet... think I'll give the mayo a miss, Pandora, it would make me hungry!
I am still itching .....