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No appetite

Today for the first time - day 11 induction- I'm NOT HUNGRY.. at all. Hurrah I guess. My stomach is rumbling. I'm drinking water but I have no appetite. I know I have to eat something but I can't physically stomach anything today....

today I've literally had coffee with cream and splenda at 8am. I made myself eat two mouthfuls of caesar salad with Serrano ham chopped into it.. and that's it.. It's almost dinner time and I'm not hungry. It would be like eating for the sake of it being dinner time, but I also know that you're supposed to eat so your body doesn't go into starvation mode and hold onto the dastardly fat cells.

I know..crazy question..

Anyone else get days like this?
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Thanks!.. I've just realised I've posted this in the diaries section.. oops!.. I'm usually starving all the time too.. I guess I'll just ride it out.. since when has NOT being hungry been a problem?? LOL.. I should be counting my blessings!..
Since about day 10 I'm generally not particularly hungry all day long and make myself eat.. It's not really a bad thing. My stomach rumbles.. I don't feel nauseous or anything.. I'm just not craving anything.. or hungry.. Maybe this is what 'normal' people feel like.. you know the type... the ones who FORGET to eat! lol.... At the moment I'm not too concerned as long as it doesn't stall my weight loss. As for when I AM hungry.. I"m just hungry all the time.. even an hour or so after eating...but then I wonder AM I HUNGRY? or am i just fancying something?.... mind games!!


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Hi Kizzie,
Now you mention it i think i'm like that. Before atkins i was always STARVING!

Now i can forget to eat but as you say the tummy rumbles give it away. For me though, when i do sit down to eat, i am hungry it's just not all encompassing any more. Thank god for atkins:D
That's IT Katie!!.. Exactly that. I can go all day.. not eating much but when it's meal times I eat because I know i have too!.. SO ODD!!.. and you're right.. THANK GOD FOR ATKINS!...

Is it already lunchtime?. I"m sure I've just had breakfast! ;)


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You will lose quicker eating three meals a day, even if you're not hungry, just have something little - speaking as one of the many voices of experience here :)

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