No ' free' food allowance in points values when following Simply Filling?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by glendaand, 11 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. glendaand

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    This may seem like a silly question and it may be on here somewhere, sorry if it it but can someone tell me if there is any 'free' food allowance when you are following simply filling?
    To try and give an example of what I mean, you know how on Slimming World foods that are predominantly made up of 'free' foods have a very low syn value? For example certain meat products are low in syns as lean meat is free - why is this not taken into account with propoints values when following simply filling? You can also this with the recipes in the magazine/books. The propoints value is the same whether you are following counting or simply filling even although you can have 3/4 of your ingredients as 'free' simply filling foods - ham eggs etc. I am trying really hard with this but finding some points value unrealistically high when following simply filling especially when I can see the ingredients are mostly 'free' foods?

    It almost seems WW have the theory behind the SW idea of unlimited healthy foods but not quite followed it through with correct points allocations?
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  3. ksmiuk

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    I work it out myself when using recipes ie just point the non F&H items and add those to my tracker for instance I made beef stroganoff. I counted 1 point for the stock cube and 3 pp for the creme fraiche. It served 2 so 2 points each. I haven't done it for any prepared types meats as they have a lot of additives in

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