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No internet :(

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by *Cee*, 14 April 2010 Social URL.

  1. *Cee*

    *Cee* Well-Known Member

    Its a miracle that work recently had internet installed so my "fix" is just about livable, but when him indoors suddenly listens to you to actually get round to ringing the isp cuz its no fault of our own, he goes into "caveman mode", see Men are from Mars and goes all grumpy on you.

    "you know he's missing the internet when....." He's on facebook via the mobile phone moaning he has no internet lol

    Now I can go a few days without it no problem and i'm a world of warcrafter too but I was a bit miffed today as i've had to wait to get to work to deal with ebayers and emails and orders that were cancelled unknowingly because i didn't get online to check....

    So tell me, what would you miss if you had no net....

    I was just getting into my forum posting here too, luckily its a bit quiet tonight...

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