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no more puddings for puddin

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by puddin', 11 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. puddin'

    puddin' Member

    Morning all

    This is my first diary on minis but far from my first diet or first go at SW, but hopefully it will be the last.

    I am hoping to lose around 3 stone - haven't decided exactly on a goal weight yet as I am of an age where I dont want to look too thin - so for now i am saying id like to be 10st but MIGHT go lower if i feel the need.

    So today is day one of EE and in a little while I am off to do a grocery shop. Ive planned my food for the next few days then tonight I am going to sit down and browse the recipe section and food diaries on here for more inspiration - my main challenge is packed lunches as at work I only SOMETIMES have access to a microwave.

    Anyway here is todays food diary - all listed except syns as i will use them at whim as and when i get the urge

    Brk: Tea with milk from hex a allowance ( used in tea throughout day)
    Apple, tangerine, grapes

    Lunch: large salad with fat free dressing, 4 ryvita original - hex b - ( need scan bran but have to go to town to get them so will do so monday) , tin of sardines in tomato sauce with capers added

    Dinner: Venison steak (pan fried), low syn coleslaw, baked potato with fat free fromage frais and chives

    will be making a pot of speed soup later

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  3. puddin'

    puddin' Member

    lighter than light mayo ( in my coleslaw) = 1
    wholegrain mustard ( in coleslaw) = 1/2
    veg oil for venison = 4
    double jack daniels : ) = 6
    dsp of chia seeds =3

    total - 14.5
    Last edited: 12 January 2014
  4. puddin'

    puddin' Member

    So, day 2 is almost over ( i am an early to bed girl ) and again I have not been hungry and have actually been pretty active.

    I WAS starving when i woke up this morning though - so for the first time in months i ate breakfast - of a kind!

    Walked about 2 miles this afternoon with the dog - bloomin freezing but nice and refreshing and i felt a lot better for it when i got home.

    Brk: baked beans, tinned toms, poached egg, tea with milk from daily allowance = hex a
    L: chicken, boiled potato, red cabbage, carrots, leeks - syn free gravy
    D: super speed soup but i added a little quinoa and bulgur, three ryvita broken up in it = hex b
    snack: apple and grapes

    syns: nescafe cafe menu irish cream latte = 5 syns
    dsp chia seed = 3 syns makes a total of 8
  5. puddin'

    puddin' Member

    not at all hungry when i got up this morning and was in a rush so just had an apple for breakfast and some tea with milk from my hex a
    lunch was 3 ryvita ( hex b ) with fat free cottage cheese, spring onion, cucumber and tomatoes
    for dinner i had stir fried turkey with stir fry veg, syn was some oil 4 and a ww carrot cake slice yummm 5.5 = 9.5

    two things to note from today though and they are that a) organisation really IS the key with this eating plan and b) i am amazed that i am supposed to syn my omega 3 supplements --- and cough mixture!

    only did a 15 minute stroll with dog this afternoon but had walked around town virtually all morning

    need to find a nice pair of workout pants and some new running shoes to get myself motivated
  6. puddin'

    puddin' Member

    have just returned from a very brief ( 48 hour) business trip to the USA.
    feeling virtuous as i preplanned, took stuff with me for the flights,walked a lot and avoided alcohol etc
    managed to stick to plan and even avoided starbucks.
    now here i am home having been up for over 24 hours and i so desperately wanted to eat chocolate cake, fried egg sandwich and cheese and onion crisps - all on one plate - - washed down with loads of red wine - but i am tucking into a massive bowl of super speed soup with a wholewheat ' sandwich thin' yummy

    oh virtuous me : )

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