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No points left.. ?

If its just salmon I wouldnt c any harm ? salmon is good for you, I know you are going over your points but maybe just let it for this evening and be good all week.
well yes you could use ur saved points if you have saved over the week, but i couldnt tell you how to do it online properly i think you record as normal and when you try to 'save' the points it will take them of your already saved points///// confusing
if tomorrow is your WI day perhaps next time you fancy a galaxy caramel egg you will have left enough points for it
well done on your 1lb loss! Dont worry about using your saved points hun, Thats why they are there - just in case!You got to let yourself have something you fancy otherwise you will just binge and hat will make you feel worse! you could always keep a treat until after weigh in! I have a WI on tuesday night so after wards I have a dinner and a treat eg a chocolate bar or lovely pudding so I've got a week to make it up.xx
loss is fat gone! so well done you
Well done on your loss! I've only come to realise that even if i have no points left in the day, if i want to eat something, I EAT IT!! Theres always ways to make up for it :D
yeh, it's def better to eat it and then make it up, or just accept that you went a few points over for the week, and try harder the next week to stay within! it's denying yourself little treats that mean you just give up and eat everything in sight! I have always thought it's best to be a couple of points over compared to how I was pre-weight watchers when I would have eaten probably 40points a day and still been hungry!!
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i dread to think how many points i was eating before ww lol i wasnt over weight but i really should have been considering my diet!
well done on your loss this week :-D

I had no points left tonight, so had a large mug of tea (with pt'd milk for the day) and a bowl of veggies, I would of eaten far worst than that this time last week haha.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
berryred thats restraint! i would have probably made them curried as they're a bit more interesting by grating a courgette and carrot in some blended tomatoes and heated with lots of garlic and indian spices and throw in the rest of the vegies.

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