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I think that I have just realised what having scales at home does for me. I always have weighed myself every day and when I started CD I decided to get rid of them. My reason was because I knew that from past experience if I weighed and had lost I'd give myself a "little treat" and if I hadnt lost I'd have a "little treat" to cheer myself up.These little treats were always food related. Since starting CD 6 weeks ago I've only been weighed at my CDC house and it's working for me,no more "little treats". This might not work for everyone but it certainly has for me,I've lost 29lbs in 6 weeks and am one happy bunny! Also I know from reading posts that the weight can come if in little chunks and if I was getting on everyday and had gained or not lost I'd get fedup.Sorry for waffling but just wanted to share my thoughts as it may help someone!!
Nikki x
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i think u make a fab point and it would be advisable to a lot of us to bin ours.

as a matter of fact, i have decided to send mine to the loft and only use CDCs scales. i am always hopping on them and i think i would be much better off just working hard, forgetting the sclaes and focussing on the one, solitary weigh-in once a week. my scales will be gone as of tonight :eek:


I definitely think that's a good idea - there is absolutely no point in weighing daily as our weight fluctuates throughout the day so much. The only way to do it is once a week!


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I wish I could get over my weighing obsession!! But Im getting my food obsession sorted first!! Well done on your fab losses. Sarahxx.


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%) scales didnt quite make it to the loft lastnight but after hopping on them this morning..they r going up there as soon as hubby gets in!! i wont go in the loft and he was too tired t put them up lastnight but he isnt getting his valentines gifts til they r gone lol. am weighing in monday night with a new CDC and as i usually see a 4ish lb gain in the evenings...and that allowing for the difference between her scales and mine...i expect this week is going to show a gain or staying the same so away go the scales and wont worry about what this weeks weigh in says ... :wave_cry:
I'm still weighing myself every day too........even after promising on here not to! I don't get weighed at my CDC so I need my scales...I know it would be better to not use them quite as often though!


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I know exactly what you mean about hopping on the scales :p I have found myself getting on them every time I go to the bathroom and feeling really fed up if they don't show any change....

So, no more - I will resist the temptation and only weigh with my cdc once a week. (I can't put them away as h2b uses them for his diet too)

Well done with your weight loss so far:D


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Using your home scales does dictate your mood especially when you gain. I don't treat myself if I lose as I feel that defeats the point.

I'm going to wi at my cdc tomorrow but I'm not sure he wants me to wi in every week. Plus my scales are 7lbs less than his so when I talk to him tomorrow I will find out what's the best way of weighing myself.



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If your CDC doesn't weigh you (??????? mmmmmmmmm no comment but ????? all the same!!) why not go to Boots where you can weigh yourself on the same scales at a set time and day each week and have a digital record.

Agree with not jumping on and off them (in theory - but confess to doing the same!!) however as I am my CDC I can't get rid of my scales!!!
I know it seems strange that my CDC doesn't weigh me. She did offer me the choice whether I wanted her to weigh her or to do it myself. She lives a distance from me and last time I bought 3 weeks supply at once and she's kind enough to bring them to me. So I wouldn't get regular weigh ins. Is that unusual?


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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Well not wanting to be controversial re any CDC's who don't weigh their clients .... but I think it is an essential part of the service we provide.

Maybe because she is bringing the diet to you she didn't think to ask if you wanted weighing. I'd either ask her to resume weighing you if she's happy to do so .... or find a local Boots and do your own weekly weigh in at same time same day each time.
Hmmm. Thanks for that. Obviously I'd rather be weighed at an official weigh in but it is more convenient for me for her to bring the diet to me. I could ask her to weigh me on the occasions that I do go to her. My nearest Boots isn't that near. I wouldn't feel comfortable weighing myself in public either. This might need some more thought


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Well the other way is to get yourself a tape measure and measure yourself everywhere!!!

Then you'll see the pounds melting away as your inches get smaller!!


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To weigh or not to weigh that is the question.

I am one of those that likes to weigh first thing in the morning when I get up and after having a pee.

This is it until the following morning as weighing yourself on and off during the day is futile due to the weight of water we drink so you know your weight is going to fluctuate up and down throughout the day.

When you think about 1 litre of water weighing 2.2lbs. !!!

If the scales upset you then I feel you are better off leaving it to your CDC and like Beverley said, measuring yourself is more consistent as you come down in inches.

Or if you can't be weighed for what ever reason go to somewhere like Boots once a week.

Another thing is to wear the same clothes if you can for weigh in day, or roughly the same weight of clothes or just be aware that what you are wearing could be heavier or even lighter than at other weigh ins. But all in all it is what you lose over the course that is important and I like to average mine out around what I lose a month as some weeks I do not shift much.

I do give myself treats of a nice magazine and little things like that, or save up for something bigger to reward myself when I have a stone off.

Also I know only too well how easy it is to let the chatter box talk me out of my diet. So be aware of what you are saying to yourself.

If your doing your diet 100% then you know for sure your weight will come down and try not to compare your losses with others as we are all unique.

(even though I know it is hard not too:( )

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Davica you have hit the nail on the head,The scales really used to dictate my mood!but no more since I banished them I really believe thats why Cd is working for me(that and everyone on here and the fab CD diet itself!LOL)Well done karen get those scales in the loft!! I love the idea of measuring and not using scales,When I was measured after five weeks I was over the moon as i'd lost 20 inches and tht gave me such a buzz.



Hiya what I normaly do I get weighed on the day I choose to get weighed then my partner hides the scales and then he fetches them out again for the following week weighing then he hides them again and it carrys on like this. If they was not hidden and I would be on them everyday and then I would get disartened what they say before I used to get on them after every meal I had
I get weighed on a morning after been to toilet then thats It while following week.