No support for last hurdle?

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  1. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    Hi Guys!

    Does anyone else not feel like there getting any support for the last bit? I started at 12 St 8, now I'm down to 11stone 1. My BMI is now healthy (23.7) and I'm still on sole source. Does anyone else find friends and family take the mick a little and try and tempt you to eat??

    The only support I'm getting is here and from my councellor!

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  3. polishrose

    polishrose Gold Member

    Surely you shouldn't be on SS any more now that your BMI is under 25?
  4. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    shouldnt you move up the plans once you have a healthy BMI? mine said once i reach 12 stone 6 (BMI 24.9) on her scales (will be half a stone less than that on mine as hers weigh heavier) i will move up the plans, 1 week on ss+ and then 2 weeks or more on each step above that until i reach my idea calorie amount.
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  5. flowey

    flowey Silver Member

    There are a lot of posts on here about people saying that once they look slimmer people try and say 'stop'. I'm still 10kgs of highest healthy bmi and friends are already saying - no 5 will be ok. Not sure if its because they think it must be real hard deprivation and horrible for us and want us to 'eat so we are happy'. If they knew how important it was to us to be our 'personal' goal weight then they would be more supportive. Stick with it, you and your cdc should set a realistic goal and not friends. Good luck. Chat to cdc about moving up the plans now maybe, you still loose weight on the higher plans.
  6. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    i know about that too flowey! i still have 2 stone to go till goal and 2.5 until my dream weight and already people are telling me to stop!
  7. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    I've tried introducing food but it doesn't work for me, thats my problem. Once I've had something I tend to go mental it made me reallyhungry ect,so thought SS was the best option -
  8. flowey

    flowey Silver Member

    Daniel - I am soooo the same. I'm moving up the plans myself for a holiday and now food has been introduced I can't help but cheat!

    SS works so well for me because it takes food out completly so any is cheating. Was 100% on ss, now I'm only 50% because I'm allowed a little food!

    Your so nearly there ... good luck, you'll get there!
  9. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    but surely if your bmi is 23, well into the healthy range ketosis could cause your lean muscle mass to deteriorate? Can a CDC advise? Also maybe because you are healthy, ss is making you crave food more, making you hungrier if that makes sense? I'm sure someone will be along to explain it better!
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Daniel. You have to make it work for you. You are in danger of losing lean mass now, and I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Looking flabby, reduced metabolism, harder to maintain.

    I assume you are on 4 packs a day. I remember you querying whether you could do 3??

    If you are on 4, do the 810 with the chicken or fish option to start with. That wont bring you out of ketosis and you can start enjoying foods again, and learning to get a good relationship with them.

    There is no doubt that it's tempting to avoid food altogether rather than face up to the fact that you might have to battle some demons, but you're going to have to face it at some point. Best do that when you are fit and well;)

    Please go on to the CD maintenance section and start a thread there. Also read how others are dealing with this.

    Believe in yourself. It's easy to build up irrational beliefs about food ie If I eat it will turn into a binge.

    It's not a fact. Just a false belief you have about yourself. You don't have to go mental. It's entirely up to you.

    But you must eat. Gotta face that fear and do it anyway as they say.
  11. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    Support and resistance from friends/family fascinates me! When I started this I had a colleague who was really unimpressed and unsupportive about it, and now she's more support than most people! ..and, like you, I suspect that once I get near target, it'll change again, and I'll have to deal with withdrawn support and unhelpful attitudes/responses

    Possible scenarios that come to my mind:

    -unnecessary concern/worry
    -lack of understanding, knowledge
    -finding change hard to cope with
    -being insecure about what this change might mean for your relationships
    -not realising that you have a very clear and healthy/safe plan that you are sticking to.
    -or, being supportive at first, but now that you seem confident and stronger in what you're doing, going back to their 'normal' role of taking the mick and winding you up, cause it's what they know, and how they normally function (like they're bored or unable to sustain that more supportive side of themselves!)

    I'm sure there's lots of other possible reasons.. they're just a few off the top of my head...

    ..and solutions? hmm...

    -teaching them exactly what your goal is and how much you'd like support for this final 'sprint to the finish line'
    -lovingly and caringly finding out whether they have worries and concerns about what you're doing, so that you can alleviate their fears.
    -joking with them (if you can't beat em join em), my thoughtful OH really enjoyed putting his amazing meals right under my nose when I was first on the diet, and instead of being annoyed, I played along, talked about the food with enthusiasm (secretly knowing that just cause he was being a git - I was REALLY GENUINELY RELIEVED with what I was doing, so he could s*d off! Haha! - but instead of saying that, I did the exact opposite, and enjoyed the conversation! He soon stopped cause he wasn't getting a rise out of me!! Hahaha! I won (and he doesn't even know I was beating him at his own game!! Hahaha:D)
    -simply, assertively, saying something like:

    "I am completing what I set out to complete. I will complete this without your support if you don't want to give it, but it would be more enjoyable to complete this with your support"

    If you choose one short, honest, loving, assertive, caring sentence like this - which respects yourself and respects them - and then you say it EVERY TIME they are unsupportive.. phrased in exactly the same way.. they'll soon ACTUALLY HEAR YOU!


    Do any of those ideas help?? Hope so :)

    Glad you have good support with your CDC :)


    (ps My understanding of the BMI 25 rule is about when you can START CD, with the aim of being a healthy BMI at the end of stepping back up through the programmes... and if thats right, you're doing fine, danielparty! ..Im going to go and ask on a new thread)
  12. polishrose

    polishrose Gold Member

    Totally agree with KD.You have tolearn how to cope with food again whether you want to or not,and personally I think your CDC is being very irresponsible by allowing you to carry on with SS now your BMI is under 25.If you don't learn to deal with cravings now how are you going to cope with them when you get to goal weight?It's not like there's going to be a magical switch that suddenly means you never have cravings again just because you get to goal.I've just done a week of 810,didn't have any cravings,still lost 2lbs.I'm looking forward to my next week of 810 after 12 weeks and then ultimately again when I get to BMI 25.
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  13. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    No, that's incorrect. You cannot start SSing anything under BMI 25 plus a stone.

    If you are already SSing, you need to be off of SS and SS+ by the time you get to BMI 25.
  14. polishrose

    polishrose Gold Member

    ps my book says SS in contraindicated for anyone with a BMI of 25 or less,so you really should be on 810 by now daniel.
  15. Lexie_dog


    Cant really advise other than please stop SS'ing at your BMI, you could end up doing yourself some real damage.

    My counsellor has stated that in 8lbs time I will have to come off ss and start moving up plans. Not because she's being horrid, but because its important to keep your lean muscle mass intact. You body cannot differentiate between the muscle in say, your ass, from that of your heart.

    Please, for the love of god stay healthy.
  16. YumyMumy

    YumyMumy Crawling to the finish!

    regardless of which step your on I understand! I still want to lose a stone and ppl keep saying "theres nothing of you" which really annoys me as im still not happy in myself so it would be nice for them to help out. I will only accept them comments once im bnorderline unhealthy weight which is very far away hehe xx

    P.S. I am following lipotrim SS and my BMI is healthy and they have not advised me to come off until im happy xx
  17. Lexie_dog


    Actually having read previous posts by this Daniel, they have said that their counsellor has told them to go up a step. they are agreeing with counsellor face to face and then disregarding the advice.

    Daniel, you have stated in an earlier post today about potentially becoming a counsellor, would you advise your clients to do what you're doing? Surely you appreciate the importance of being healthy and maintaining a healthy diet with food to maintain and protect and nourish their bodies?

    I'm actually rather concerned now. Perhaps this is why you feel you aren't getting any support from your family, perhaps they are presenting similar concerns in this /their own way trying to get you to eat? I'm also concerned that even as a male when doing SS you stick to 3 packs a day instead of 4.

    Theres nothing stopping you losing more weight but you have to lose it healthily. You are going to end up doing yourself damage at this rate
    Last edited: 30 May 2009
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  18. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    Haha.. I've just started a new thread.. hoping that the marvelous KD might appear and share words of wisdom - and lo! KD appears while I wasn't looking and posted exactly the answer I was looking for!! Hahaha!! :D

    So, Daniel... I was wrong about the BMI 25 thing... sounds like you need to chat to your CD again.. and, maybe, start addressing your fears.. (which, by the way, I certainly have, and I'm sure lots of us have on here, so you're in the right place to think them through, I'm sure :) )

  19. danielpartyuk

    danielpartyuk Full Member

    Ok I'll speak to my counciller about bringing food back in this week -- I'm on 4 per day btw - had a chicken salad yest cos I was hungry so im not 100% ss!

    Just wanna get the last of it off now!

    Thnaks guys
  20. flowey

    flowey Silver Member

    daniel - speak to your cd. You are sooooo nearly there. Finish the diet to the letter with all the stages to give yourself maximum chance of staying at your target.

    There are lots of posts about people worried about introducing food again in case they go mental. Myself the same, but we must do them, otherwise, for me, there will be no chance of keeping the weight off.

    I wish you all the best, well done for getting a healthy bmi...if you can ss, you can do anything inc. controlling food.

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