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No weight loss second week? Feeling down

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by DanielleOD, 25 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    I have been doing the slim and save Total Replacement 4 shakes a day now for 2 weeks. The first week I lost 13lbs but this week I haven't lost anything at all. I have stuck to it 100% and have been drinking 3-4 litres of water a day.

    The only thing I can think of is I was taking antibiotics and a strong painkiller from Sunday to Thursday. Could that have prevented me from losing weight.

    It is really disheartening as I have really stuck to it even though I've not lost anything but if that keeps happening I don't know how much longer I can keep going with no results.

    Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance
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  3. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Ooh I do feel for you but you had such a big loss in the first week. 13lbs in two weeks is not half bad. If someone had told you that you would lose that you would probably have still started so don't let it throw you off track. I've never known anyone who hasn't lost more than they would on a different type of plan. Keep going and it will shift.
  4. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    That is very disheartening but keep going. Do a little google search on antibiotics and ketosis and there's many stories about them knocking you out of ketosis (mainly due to lactose in the coating). It will probably drop off next week! x
  5. SeeLuLu

    SeeLuLu Full Member

    Keep going! As much as we would like it to be, weight loss is just not a linear thing... it goes in fits and starts and is influenced by so many things, such as hormones, salt levels, water, exercise....

    Focus on sticking to the plan and the scales will move.
  6. hollycat

    hollycat To infinity and beyond!

    Don't be disheartened eating so few calories means you will lose next weight, have you taken your measurements - you might have lost inches instead. Stick at it and no doubt you will see a decent loss next week :)
  7. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    How did week 3 go???
  8. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    Still no loss.

    After having a long chat about it with family and friends I have decided to move to weight watchers online. I am fine losing it slowly but not doing this diet for 3 weeks and only losing in week 1!

    I have done weight watchers before and it always worked well with me. I am going to see it as a way to teach myself about healthy eating and how to go on forward rather than a diet
  9. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    I am a firm believer in there being a diet for everyone! Best of luck with Weight Watchers!
  10. Tracyx

    Tracyx Silver Member

    Good Luck with Weightwatchers, I lost 3st with them in 2009 before I had my son but my losses where sooooo slow I opted to kick start things with a VLCD this time but I plan to go back to help me maintain when I get a bit closer to goal x

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