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Noddynoobs natterings

Hello everybody!
Welcome to my diary! I cant promise to write in it everyday, but I will try and keep you updated.

A bit about me:
Im 25 and I live with my BF of 7 years in Somerset. I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 6. My name Noddynoobs, comes from my cat Noddy who is the love of my life! lol. Dont tell my BF.

I remember going on my first proper diet when I was about 15/16, and I lost quite alot of weight, about a stone and a half (I wasnt that big to start off with, although I thought I was!). Then when I was about 17, I started making myself sick and also cutting myself. Thankfully I got past that, and its not an issue any more. Its not something that Im ashamed and I will never try and hide my scars, as they are part of me, and people will just have to accept that!

Over the past couple of years, I have gradually put on a bit of weight here and a bit there, and I had about 2 stone to lose, but will see what happens as I lose and see where I feel happy. Im doing my own thing really, healthy eating with a bit of a tendancy toward slimming world, as I have alot of the books and mags for recipe ideas, and a bit low carb. I try not to have them with my evening meal, or have a half portion of them. It seems to be working as I have lost 9lbs in about 5-6 weeks which Im happy with, although I dont think I look that different yet.

Any way, thats a bit about me!
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Pleased to see you have started a diary, it really does help!

I want to wish you luck and success and admire your determination to get to where you want to be in life, well done!

I look forward to reading your posts.


Determined to be healthy
Hey NN , welcome to the diary world! I warn you it gets addictive! I have 3 cats, 2 boys and a girl, they are amazing and all very different even though the boys are from the same litter!

Good luck with the weight loss, sounds like a sensible plan and I'm sure you will do well. Look forward to travelling with you a while!

Gem x
well, this week started off ok! but then we went to alton towers yesterday! we drove up on thursday as its a 4 hour drive and stayed overnight in a premier inn. Dinner was frankie and benny's, i had a meat calzone and it was delish, we were also naughty and had desert which was choc brownie fudge cake! so good! breakfast the next day was all you can eat, so i scoffed at that! had to get my money worth! lunch was just some sausage rolls, and then in the car on the way home, we has copiuos amounts of biscuits.

havent weighed myself yet, will do it tomorrow morning when i get up. am hoping to stay the same...really dont think i will lose anything!

am back on track today however! i knew for a couple of weeks that we were going to alton towers, so had planned to just enjoy myself and not worry about it! which i did!
well, i weighed myself this morning....put on 2! :cry: not really surprised with the amount that i ate the last few days. have to be extra good this week. am at work all day today, so i made some soup for my lunch, and enough for the next few days. have bought no money with me, so i cant buy stuff out of the vending machine.


Determined to be healthy
Glad you enjoyed Alton towers and don't worry if you get back on the wagon it will soon be gone along with a few others!

Gem x
don't worry, a little of what you fancy is okay now and again (says she remembering last weekend!!!!:rolleyes:) you enjoyed it at the time, paid a small price and are now ready to get back on the track! here's to a successful week ahead :)

great idea to leave cash at home, if you haven't got it, you can't feed the machine...well done :D
well ladies, had my lunch. I had homemade spicy carrot and lentil soup (think i am a bit obsessed with this) with 2 wholemeal rolls. would normally only have 1 but its a longer day today. have a very small apple (its like a big cherry!) and 2 kiwi's for later. then when i get home i will be making bacon and brocolli quiche and having a big massive salad with it aswell. yum.

:gen147: wish me luck for the rest of the day at work. have to keep shutting this down as my boss keeps coming storming over to see me!
Hope you having a good day...keep posting, when boss not looking of course!

Your soup sounds lovely, I really enjoy homemade soup, my fave is lentil :D

enjoy the rest of your day :)


Determined to be healthy
Hi Nobby hope you have managed to get back on the wagon...if not don't worry, it takes me a few days to get back into gear sometimes!
Gem x
wooohoo!!! i weighed myself this morning, and ive lost 3lbs! so thats the 2 i put on last week and 1 more! i am exactly 11stone! so next week, i should be somewhere in the 10's! yea!
Fantastic result.....ooh the 10s I dream of that figure ;0)
Gem x
...me too Gem!!! :sigh: :sigh: :sigh: :sigh: LOL

well done noddynobs, you must be feeling so happy and looking fab! :)
thanks ladies! im feeling pretty good today!

borrowed my neighbours dog and went for a long walk this afternoon, then came home and had a yummy beef stew that had been bubbling away in my slow cooker. it had carrots, swede and parsnip in it, and i had it with cabbage and brocolli...so thats definately my 5 a day done!

ready to lose even more next week!


Determined to be healthy
I love stew but hubby doesn't so I don't do it nowadays...used to live off the stuff...still I suppose I ad to make some compromises ( grin)
Glad you are feeling good, think I'd better get up and get moving lol
Gem x
hello everybody!

had a pooey week at work, and then didnt want to come on the pooter in the evening. grrr

well i lost 1lb this week! so thats good, a little loss. Not surprised it wasnt more, as i did have a few little treats!

7 weeks until my holiday, so im on it good style now, want to be less than 10 and a half when i go, which i think is achievable.

just about to go and have my fruit salad, ive got melon, pineapple and strawbs...yummers

hopefully ill be back later in the week....see how work goes! lol