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Non Atkins Advice/Thoughts Needed

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As you know I've gone back to work now after mat leave and I know that companies do have a responsibility to make your return to work as easy as possible (within limits of course). I am expected to go to a 3-day conference in 3 weeks time which I am taking on the chin however I found out yesterday that I am also expected to go on a week long training course the week after conference which I am unhappy with (to say the least).
Personally I think this is an unreasonable request considering I have 2 children under 2 and over a 2 week period I would be away 8 days and 7 nights.

Any advice or thoughts or ideas on how I could get round this without threatening constructive dismissal!!
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Ouch , thats a bit rough isnt it :( . No idea where you stand but i'd have a chat with the boss anyway and tell him it just isnt possible !


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I think you need to speak to the powers that be and ask if the course can be postponed/done at a later date. im unsure as to the legalities of making it easier for you to come back but surely if you are only park time you cant do a full week course?
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Yeah need to look at the HR handbook but don't have work laptop yet so can't access it. Unfortunately contract states part time but need to be flexible to meet business needs which is fair enough but its more the time away from home the course will be in London so it's not like I can pop home ... :cry:


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Bloomin heck thats miles away :( have you got hr dept you can speak to? You work for medical company dont you? can i be nosey and ask what you sell?


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Hi Flutter, without any background, I would always assume incompetence or lack of thought first and so always worth asking/discussing first. Would suggest a discussion with your manager where you are neutral but with solution (along the lines of " that's a bit tricky given previous week,let's postpone to x") and see what response you get. Worth hearing exactly what the response is as hopefully will give you insight.


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Yes, that's good advice from everyone, Lesley - it does seem pretty unreasonable to expect you to be away for a week!


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That's tricky Lesley. I've heard tales of women being asked to do more and more unreasonable things, either as a 'punishment' for taking their maternity leave ('you need to catch up on all the training/crap shifts/crap duties you missed'), or as the start of a slippery slope to redundancy - totally illegal of course, but it can be made to look bad for you if it's in your contract and you object to doing it. And these are tricky times for a lot of businesses. Nobody wants their head above the parapet, and they can play on that.

I would speak to your manager first, be clear that it's extremely inconvenient to be away so long from home with a baby, and get an initial impression of how they come back to you on it.

It's crap that they've asked you to do this, hope you get out of one or the other. x
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Thanks WW I don't "think" they're trying to force me out (not yet anyway I've only been back 2 weeks I'm not that bad honestly!) I just need things to be seen from my point of view which is difficult as boss is a bloke, single, no kids etc his thoughts were I'd like a break and a decent nights sleep!

May consider alternative careers ....

Or HighlandPony is your OH offer still on the table? ;)

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