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Non diet yogurt question


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I am new to this, have joined online (Body Optimise) and currently planning my meals for next week. Managing to get a lot of useful info from this site so thank you eveyone for your useful posts :thankyou:

I am annoyed that all the non-fat yogurts seem to use aspartame as sweetener which I have to avoid as it gives me terrible headaches (no diet drinks either!). So I wondered if anyone had suggestions for non-diet yogurts that are not too high on their syn values?

I have been online and done some searches but there are so many different types! So far found Yeo valley single pots that seem to be 1 1/2 syns and Activia intensley creamy that are 2 1/2 syns.

Anybody got any other suggestions?

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agree with JemmaBe ^^
If you get vlf nat yog then you can control what you put in it. Ive got a yoghurt maker, I make 1 litre of yoghurt from skimmed milk and then add my own flavours, fresh fruit, jam, lemon curd etc for the OH a crumble a small amount of flan case with lemon curd to give him a lemon cheesecake style yoghurt.
yep definately agree with other posters, buy Fat Free natural yoghurt (Greek yoghurt is lovely and creamy) and just add fresh fruit to it for a bit of flavour, also a drizzle of honey works well too for little syns.
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I use Yeo Valley organic fat free natural probiotic.

On the tub it says "No added sugar. This product contains only milk's naturally occuring sugar".

Its very tasty and pretty creamy for a fat free. I usually add fresh raspberries as they are a super super free food so good for the metabolism.


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Wow, thanks for all the replies :D

Feeling stupid now :eek: wasnt thinking that I could use natural and add fruit or honey..... was only thinking flavoured yogurts! I like the sound of lemon curd added. I have an Easiyo yogurt maker, will have to look up what their yogurts are. My fave from that is the Greek with honey but expect that is higher syn as is full fat. I am sure that they do lower fat options though.

Will also have a look at the yeo valley - now hoping that the strawberry is syn free!

Thanks again for your help, it is all pretty confusing to get my head around!


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Wow I can't believe the activia intensely creamy yogurts are only 2 1/2 syns each!! I love Rachel's organic low fat yogurts. It contains yogurt, fruit & sugar, that's it and only 2 syns each for the 125g ones that come in packs of four.


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I think I have searched right, it only shows 2 flavours though:

Activia Intensely Creamy Yogurt, Vanilla, 120g pot 2½ 2½ 2½

Activia Intensely Creamy Yogurt, Zesty Lemon, 120g pot 2½ 2½ 2½

So, will have to try the Rachels and the intensely creamy and see which I prefer!



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I checked as well and they are only 2.5 each! I'm off to buy some tomorrow! I also checked for my favourite Activia strawberry (full fat) and they're only 3 syns each! Who knew!!!!


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I eat soy yogurts and the fruity ones are only 2 syns each, the plain yogurt is only 1.5 syns for 100g too! I love the Provamel and Asda ones best.

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