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Non LL related rant - need to vent, sorry


has started again!!
Some of you may remember I have issues, at times, with my younger sister. (Despite me losing 101lb!!!! now, still no comment or congrats from her, rather comments about bingo wings etc.)

Well, she had offered to help us out with cat sitting whilst we are away. I am happy for her to do this as my cat , a gorgeous Siamese, has been known to leg it when we have been away before. She seems to get the hump at us deserting her!! I accept that my sister will empty our freezer for us, use all the facilities etc as part of the "deal"!!

What I really didnt expect was for the sourest of faces and verbal abuse when I told her, about an hour and ahalf ago, that we are expecting scaffolding to be put around our house in the latter part of the final week of our hols. We have been waiting absolutely ages for our builder to be ready to start our loft conversion, and he has now said work will start the Weds after we are home!! I am thrilled as we so need the extra space, kids will swap bedrooms,we will have another bathroom and also my kitchen will have a utility, in the form of a conservatory. We wanted to move house, but the house prices in Dorset are just stupid so this was our better option.

She moaned like hell about the scaffolding, said why couldnt they do it once we got back etc etc. I explained that the builder (Bob!! Honest!!) wanted the scaffolding in situ, so that they can start ripping the roof about asap. OH & I are not in the least troubled. There may be a bit of inconvenience over access to our back door, but nothing dreadful. We just want the job done. Why has she got the right, just because she will be staying in our house for 2 weeks, to moan about our decision? She is hoping to veg out in our garden, if the weather holds and I suspect the thought of scaffolders disrupting her sunbathing is a problem to her....

grrrrrrrr.... :badmood:I could go on and on. I was in tears this morning. Who did I just punish? Myself, thats who , because I ate two big cheese twists from the local bakery. Why?? :whoopass:I am now not only angry with her, but angry with me too. Thought I had a handle on this emotional eating thing....

Better go write my journal before I do any more stupid things.:sad0071::wave_cry::cry:
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has started again!!
Next time, perhaps you should plan to pay for your cat to stay in a cattery instead.

Your sister sounds like a right misery.
Oh you are so right, you dont know the half of it!! The cattery did occur to me this time, but I am a softy where my Coco is concerned and I know she would hate that too!! Maybe I will rely on neighbours next time and hope for the best !!


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Oh pants. But can I just say WELL DONE ON BREAKING YOUR CENTURY!!! (I've been waiting to say that to you for a few weeks now - cos you've been hovering so close!)

I just hate it when people do their best to make life just that teensy bit more difficult. Ah well - as for the cheese twists - twisty food for twisty thinking...drp the anger because I've just got cross at myself because the scales are reading 30% fat, 45% water (I am dehydrated for the first time in months!) and 7lbs heavier in 2 days. I know it's just glycogen and will disappear as soon as I am on packs - but I just had a moment of 'what's the point' and 'lets go and eat more crap' - but to be honest - the last 48 hour bingeathon has taught me one thing - sugar and fat are not the answer - grooooo - I feel terrible - I'm almost looking forward to my banana shake tomorrow!
Or maybe you could get a cat sitter? We used one we found in the local paper ... he popped in and fed them twice a day... and yes your sister sounds like a real pain so the fewer favours you ask her the better!

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