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None Tomato Based Food?

Hi All

This is my second week on Slimming World and i am already getting sick of tomato based foods and beans!

I seem to not be able to vary what i am eating, jacket with beans and either dry meat meals or tomato based dinners and i am not really enjoying what i eat and i am also very bored with what i am eating. HELP. . . . . . . . . . .

Also, what do people have for work dinners?

Any advic please?
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You can make a carbonara sauce for pasta, recipe's on here I think. No tomato in that. Try going through the recipes, there are alot of things you can make without tomato sauce though my mind's gone blank now lol.


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Just reading through the threads on the recipe sub-forum should give you loads of inspiration.

Curries - veg, meat, bean - indian, chinese, thai
Chilli - veg, meat, bean
Pasta bakes
Sweet and sour
Beef and black bean
Fish and chips
Tuna bake
and on and on....

The only thing limiting you is your imagination!
Thank you for the reply. I know what you mean about imagination. Seriously, I am thinking so hard because I want to do well that I am causing myself a mind blank lol. You should have tasted the awful curry I made last night, seriously it was vile!!!


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Oh well look at it this way - thing's can only get better!

What do you like eating? That's probably the best place to start and most recipes can be made SW friendly.


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I dont like tomatoes :(. I find it hard to find things that i can make that dont need tomatoes in. All you need is a good imagination and also lost of patience to experiment. The way I look at it if you put things you like in it cant turn out that bad can it ? :D x
Hey Jayner - lol. I agree. I have been trying diffrent things and i am getting there - practice is starting to make progress (wouldnt say perfect though lol) xxxx
I don't like fresh tomatoes but i don't mind tinned chop tomatoes and passata as long as it has other things to go with it, e.g bolognaise, BBQ sauce ... although i have to say i think i get through 3 cartons of chopped tomatoes / passata a week so i am looking for other recipes too .... at least the good thing is they are syn free unlike if i had a salad with salad cream or seafood sauce (also part tomato based) ... i think its hard to not have tomato based stuff as it seems to be in most things lol :D



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I suppose it depends what day you are following, I personally prefer EE. And one of my fave dishes is chicken. Here's what I do.

Slice the raw chicken breast halfways, from the side, but not right the way through, and lift the flap. Spread on a laughing cow extra light triangle (from HEA) and a tablespoon of passata (optional). Replace the flap of chicken and add any seasoning you want (I used smoked sea salt with pink peppercorns from tesco), then wrap the chicken in lean bacon, and cover with foil. Cook for 20 minutes, then take the foil off and cook for another 20 minutes until cooked all the way through and bacon is crispy. I serve it with either stirfry vegetables (cooked in a little stock) or SW home made chips.
ummm that sounds good! i think i am going to have to try that :) ... sounds like something my daughter will eat too (with only 2 of us i refuse to cook 2 different meals everynight ! lol .... maybe have it one lunchtime with a salad (and maybe a jacket potato) :)

I hate tinned tomatoes and passata. And don't get me started about baked beans - the invention of the devil, as far as I am concerned!!

So many SW recipes seem to have tinned tomatoes in them - it gets really boring!

On the SW website there is a section with sauce recipes that are not tomato based. If you have access you might find some of them useful.
don't get me started about baked beans - the invention of the devil, as far as I am concerned!!
i totally agree !!! i cant stand them !!! :jelous:


Really wants to be thin!!
all the recipes in here sound scrumtios


Really wants to be thin!!
i mean scrumptious lol

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