Normal ?


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i normally get quite dry skin, but ive never linked it to the diet....
maybe get a nice body butter or something like that, and add that to your daily routine.


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I've had dry skin on this diet, which is something I've never suffered from before in my life. my lips got so dry at one point that they bled! And I drink between 2 and 4 litres of water a day, so definitely getting enough fluids.

I found Palmer's Chocolate and Peppermint lip butter worked miracles for my lips (this one Buy Palmers Lip Butter Dark Chocolate & Peppermint, £1.99, Lip Care Products, Online Pharmacy). And it tastes of After Eights! Maybe cocoa butter lotion would help your skin?


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I also get dry skin. I get it normally, but thought (wrongly) that drinking 4 litres of water a day might improve it!
My lips are extremely dry - which I think it related to the diet as I do not normally suffer with this.


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It may or may be nothing to do with the CD plan. Weather, central heating, age etc all can contribute to dry skin and once it gets a bit dry it gets much more noticeable very quickly. Make sure you exfoliate in the shower (e.g with a shower brush and gel) to get the dry skin surface layer off so any moisturiser doesn't just sit on top of that.

As for lips.. i've always had problems with mine and just wanted to say "beware" because a lot of the lip-balms on the market actually dry your lips out creating a cycle of dependence on the lipbalm Natural Lip Balm Secrets: Ingredients in Commercial Balms Dry Lips, May Create Addiction

I have found that nuetrogena and labello are the only 2 I can really use without this happening to me.


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I have a problem with dry skin anyway and have allsorts of lotions and potions i use everyday, just seems to be worse. May be seperate issue Thanks for your replies x


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Mayo Clinic is an excellent site and Dry skin - . I'm sure you've googled the topic to death but maybe not looked at actual medical sites?

If it's beginning to get to you then maybe you should ask your GP for a referral to a dermatologist for advice?

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