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Not allowed to SS any more


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Hi all

I have had some very disappointing news this week. For the past 7-8 weeks I have been getting waves of dizziness (3-4 times a day) and on a couple of occasions I have almost fainted. I would have done had I not managed to get to a chair and catch my bearings. I have been to the Dr's and he took bloods for everything. Most of them came back ok but some came back "just outside the normal range" whatever that means. I'm sure being in Ketosis would have effected them and maybe this is what had been picked up. Anyway, when I had the bloods done he reccommended that I increase my calorie intake slightly and agreed that I should do a few days of AAM. I was ok with this as it doesn't really seem to effect my weight loss. After a few days I returned to SS'ing. My CDC has been aware of how I have been feeling and has been great and very supportive. She has been looking everywhere for reasons for the dizziness and we have both tried everything to try and combat it. This has also made me feel guilty as I don't like to cause people to worry. After returning to SS everything was great until earlier this week when I had the day from hell. I permanantly felt dizzy and it was almost like I was travelling on a boat with severe sea sickness all day. My CDC has spoken with CD Head office and they have said that I need to move up the plans and do 1200. The thought of doing this is absolutely terrifying me. I don't feel ready to do it, especially as I still have a way to go. Over the past couple of days I have come to terms with the fact that I have to now start eating on a higher plan and I know that although losing weight is important my health is also important. I can't shake the feeling that I have failed and I am letting everyone down as I haven't yet reached my target goal. The general consensus on why this is happening now, when I have felt brilliant while doing SS, is that I lost a lot of weight in a short space of time (approaching 11 st in 7 months) that my body is now saying "enough is enough, give me a break". I wasn't going to post about this because of how I am feeling but decided to bite the bullet in the hope that someone may have had dealings with this and maybe give me some advice. Please tell me that my weight loss won't stop, I'm prepared for it slowing down but don't know how I will feel if it stops completely.
I will be allowed to try SS again in a few months time and hope that the dizziness won't return like it currently is.
So I am now doing AAM and next week will move up to 790.
Sorry everyone for a depressing post but needed to get it all out and it actually feels better for having written it all down.

Jazzy x
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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Jazzy,

First of all congratulations on your mega weight loss of almost 11 stone.

If you think about it is a lot of weight and you do seem to be one of those who does have big weight loss each week and for the month over all you are averaging a stone and half a month. That is very fast and I would think myself it is no harm to go on a higher plan for now, especially under the circumstance and I feel you will do well with step 4 of the weight loss plan.

Here is a calculation for the Metabolic rate and you can work out your own weight using this.

The metabolic rate is the rate at which we burn calories, or simply put, the number of calories we need per day for our bodies to function.

As we are all different this number will vary for each individual. How to find your basic metabolic rate for a woman is as follows.

If you weight 120lbs. you multiply by ten and ten add your weight.

Example: 120lbs. x 10 = 1,200 + 120 = 1,400

So for a woman weighing 120 lbs, she would need 1,400 calories during the day to run her body efficiently any calories above this if not used up with exercise etc., will be at risk of being stored as excess fat.

For a man to work out his basic metabolic rate is to take your weight, multiply it by ten and add double your weight to it.

I hope this helps to put your mind at ease.

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Mini

That info has really helped. I've worked out that I would need 2244 calories a day which means that on 1200 I would still be having just over a 1000 less calories a day than needed. So fingers crossed the scales will still move in the right direction, albeit slower.
I would still like to take part in the Christmas Challenge and hope that this is ok.
Thanks again Mini

Jazzy x
Hi Jazzy,

First well done on the amazing weightloss so far.

I have had clients who have also moved to higher programmes after they have lost a lot of weight, sometimes you really do need to listen to your body.

You will still continue to lose really weight well I have several ladies on 1200 cals and some on 1500 still losing.

AMM, 790 onto 1000 is a nice steady move up you will get used to food again and really enjoy the choices you are given.

You are now entering the next stage you will be fine.

Hi jazzy

What you are describing sounds very much like my Vertigo, I have has it on and off like that for years.
I also suffer from lowish blood presure and always get a headspin if I stand up too fast , I dont take any medication for it although I have been given a few things in the past, which didnt work.

I hope that you feel better on a few more calories and am sure you will still lose weight. good luck and keep posting.

You have to try and banish those thoughts of failure. I completely understand them as I felt the same when the dr told me I had to eat around 800 cals a day. LL didn't support that but fortunately CD does.
It's a different diet, but I feel great because I know I'm still following the plan ridgidly.

Try to focus on the steps and remember that whilst this isn't the same step you've been using for a long while, it's a variation and you aren't failing, just following new rules :)

Good luck

Love Kitty xxx


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I know what you are going through i had to give up for similar reasons, but i only gained a couple of pounds when i stopped ssing and i am now following ww and lost 4 lb in 1st week.

Good luck whatever you decide to do


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Thanks Linda, Heidi, Kitty and Dawn

Logic tells me that I will still lose weight but it just seems very frightening at the moment. You're right about changing my way of thinking and should tell myself I'm taking a different path to finish this journey. I was hoping that I wouldn't get scared about eating again but I guess it's one of those things...... just didn't want to deal with it right now. One thing I am pleased about is that I did manage to lose a bulk of what I needed to lose before this started. The last 4-5 stone doesn't seem so scary.

I am determined to get to goal weight, even if it takes a little while longer to get there :) .

Thankyou for the support it really is appreciated. The panic is starting to ease.

Jazzy x

p.s hadn't thought about Vertigo. Will have a chat with my Dr if increasing the calories doesn't nip it in the bud. x


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I do find that on SS you can actually listen to what you body is 'saying' loud and clear. You just have to listen sweetheart and i tell ya FAIR PLAY for losing so much!!!

Time to up the anti and go for the 790...



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Thanks Ivy.

I have spent some time reading through the mantenance threads and noticed that not one of them, after moving up a plan, woke the next day and found that they had gained 11 st. This site is fantastic for support, reassurance and calm,sensible advice.

Jazzy x
hi Jazzy, I am not on CD so can't really help regarding plans etc but I just wanted to say how very much I admire you for what you have achieved. You are a complete star and I forbid you to entertain any thoughts of being a failure. You are what this site is all about. Someone who has made up their minds to change and has actually done it. Just think of all the things you can now do which 11 stone ago you could not. WEll done, you keep going with whatever plan suits your boby best, but never fear you will get to goal and we will all be at the finish line cheering you on. Lots of love


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Thanks Irene.
I really hope so. Had a chat with some friends about this and they all agree it's for the best. They have promised to keep me on the straight and narrow!!!!!

Jazzy x


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Jazzy,

Of course you can continue with the Christmas Challenge that is open to all diets and it is all a bit of fun and a way to keep motivated for Christmas.

Love Mini xxx


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Morning Jazzy.
First congrets on you great weight loss you are a star.
As others have said you have to listen to your body.
I moved up to 790 5 weeks ago after lossing 7.5st on SS
My body said I needed more,I have now lost 8.5st so still losing weight,feeling scared about going to 1.000 but know with all the help and support I get from my CDC and here I will manage it.
I know you will manage food as well as you are so positive,you will get to goal,but you will just take a diffrent path,maybe a slower path but it will lead to the same end.
Hope you are feeling better now,and doing OK
Keep posting how you are doing.


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Hi Libbie
Thanks for your reply. I am feeling somewhat better about things. I've spent time chatting to friends and put the whole situation into perspective. A lot of people eat 1000 calories when they start other diets and still manage to lose weight so I shouldn't be any different. I was just scared that the weight loss would stop completely....... that doesn't seem to be the case from the maintenance threads that I have read. As long as I don't gain any. I can always try SS'ing again in a couple of months and pick up where I left off..... Hopefully!!

Thanks again Libbie

Jazzy x
Hi Jazzy,
For what it's worth - I had a colleague a few years ago who also got fainting spells, etc. and it was nothing to do with what she was eating / not eating - she reckoned it was her pc that was giving her trouble - when she kept off the pc she didn't have any fainting spells - and when I noticed that you were 'champion' on so many pc games.....
Just a thought!


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Hi Winner

He He have I been busted????????????????
In all seriousness I had thought about the PC and discussed this but I have to use the PC for approx 10 hours each day for work and have been doing this for the past 6 years. So, because it wasn't something "new" it has been eliminated from the problem. I wish it was the PC causing it, I would happily use this as a reason not to have to spend so much time in front of it, and get back to SS'ing. Thankyou for the suggestion though.
Jazzy x

p.s I think I am only "champion" on so many of the games because not many others have played and some of them I was the first player so you automatically become the leader of that game. I'm sure I will have been knocked off of them all by the end of the day!! x

I'm sorry to hear you've not been well and hope you feel a bit better soon.

I am on LighterLife and have had dizzy spells right the way through, and as my blood pressure has come down even lower the dizzy spells have got worse. Some days I would need to sit down before I fall down. However, I've managed to link the dizzy spells with dehydration and if I manage to drink 5 litres a day I am fine.

I wondered how much you are drinking and whether my own experience might help you. Worth a try anyway!