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Not any easy post to make but I am doing it.

As the title suggest this is difficult for me but I am gonna do it.

I have put on 2/5lbs this week and this is where I usually disappear from sight for a while. This time I am gonna face the consequencies. Not very happy with myself and a wee bit down but need to overcome the hiding in the corner bit, which I tend to do when things go wrong.

Why is it that when we really need support and help for fellow SW peeps we try and hide away.

This time I am not going to, I am fully back on the wagon, even though I have a very difficult weekend.

Onwards and upwards.
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Hi Ladylite,

Don't you dare dissapear from here, you would be missed I love reading your posts.
2.5lbs is nothing you can shift it next week, I bet you know why you have gained anyway... hope you enjoyed what ever it was you did.
It is such a battle to get to goal and we all have our ups and downs.
Please stick with us, it does work xx


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Hi, firstly - well done for the post, it does take courage to do such a thing when you are feeling so down.
Secondly, don't worry about it to much. It is done and in the past, you can't change it but you can do something about the coming weeks, so try to focus on that.

One day at a time - think about where you went wrong and try to put those things right.
It's only a blip, we all have them!! This plan is for life and we can't follow it 100% for 100% of the time.

Keep smiling, stay positive, forget about it and as you say, onwards and upwards!

Well done ladylite. xx :):)


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Please don't dissapear! i have so often done just that, only to come back anywhere from 1-3 stone later!! it is something I am determined not to do this time, although i can understand the urge. Stay on the wagon and use this site-good luck and sending a hug! x


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Well done you for being honest to yourself about it all. Hiding is a sort of denial...well, it is for me! I love to blow the trumpet about my losses, but usually keep quiet when things don't work out in my favour! I know it feels like a backwards step when we gain, but that's life. If losing weight was as easy as putting it on, there wouldn't be a forum like this!

Don't let yourself go spiralling downwards. One bad week isn't the end of the world. A string of bad weeks is a road to somewhere you don't want to be! So forget about it... it's only 2.5 lbs. As said above, with focus and determination, you could lose than in a week too! It might even just be water gain... you never know!


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Hey I'm in the same boat!! Gained 2lbs and weight losses have been slowing down. No idea why but the first thing I did was to come on here and got some fantastic support and advise!!

Don't hide away! Just face the fact you gained ... as do most people at one time or another, and carry on :)

I'm putting more effort into correcting my errors and crossing my fingers for a loss next week.

Good luck and stay positive!! :)


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We all have our bad weeks - just draw a line under it and concentrate on being good :)


Trying again!!!
Try not to let it get you down Ladylite - you will shift that gain in no time at all. Sometimes blips happen for no apparent reason, they just do! We are all here to support you - take care and good luck :hug99:
ladylite i know totally where your coming from. i've rejoined sw last week after a break of 5 months.......in which time i put 12lb back on....don't hide its just a blip and u will get back on track........:)
I usually go through the same thing. The last time I tried slimming world, I put a few lbs on a couple of weeks running & left the class only to find myself a stone heavier 8mths later and needing to join again.

I've come to the realisation this time around that I need to stick at it no matter what the scales say, everyone gains at some point or another & for whatever reason. Even if I know I've had a bad week I still go to class & usually find myself on here to get advice.

Stick at it hon, don't be too disheartened it'll all pay off in the end when you're super skinny!
Hi thanks for your comments they are most helpful.

I am not too down, just want to kick myself:whoopass:and I have moved on, I am on it 100% til Thursday night and then as i said I am going away to a Championship Show and we have meals booked for Fri, Sat and Sun, so it is going to be difficult. I knew this weekend was coming up and had planned for it.

I set myself a target of llb a week, but was well over target.

I know this diet is for life so I am going to be 150% til then saving all my sins, and after the weekend start being 100% again.

I will get there, but slowly and I am not going to hide away again.:D


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dont worry honey i do that evey other month XXX i find it boosts my losses to have a gain XXX


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well done for posting and facing up to it, good luck and hugs to you for some support from a newbie xx
Well I am just about hanging in there. Had a bit of a very low week emotionally but coming through the otherside now.

I am away this weekend, from tonight so will catch up with you all Monday.

Good luck all you happy SW'deers.:)


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Hope you have a nice weekend and don't fret go and enjoy yourself.

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