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not enjoying step 3:1000cal

I knew that at some point I would have to start eating again. I enjoyed 790 so much that instead of doing it for 2 weeks, I have done it for nearly 2 months.
The thing is, I now weigh 9st 7 and my BMI is 23 so I know I have to move up a step towards maintenance...
When I looked at step 3:1000cal in the yellow book, I got scared. I have to eat SO much, and I have to eat carbs!!!! I just feel that I will most certainly put some weigh on... I had my dinner last night: some lettuce leaves, 40g couscous, 175g chicken and a small apple. My stomach felt so full it was hurting me. I could not go to sleep as I felt so unwell...
And to know that after it is 1200cal and then 1500cal...
Am I the only one who is so, so scared of eating again?
Will I put some weigh on?
Sorry this is a bit long.
I wish I could stay on 790...
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I was so so scared of eating again, but we have to face this as the next step on our journey, not eating and carrying on with the lower steps of CD is not now good for your health, take it steady, increase gradually, split meals into more managble ones, and above all ask your CD for advice.

The last think you need to do is start losing lean muscle, and this is what will happen if you dont increase.

I did not put any weigh on throuout any of the steps to 1500, and Im sure you wont either x


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I have not reached that far in the diet yet but we have to get used to eatting again, as it would be very unhealthy for us not to. My cdc told me that when i reach my goal weight and have completed the diet, i should exercise and eat good during the week but allow myself treats from friday night to sunday. I think this is a really good idea. If you are working out and eatting 1000cals a day there is NO WAY that you should gain weight. Try and burn off at least 500cals if you are really worried.


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Hi Geraldine

Firstly, congratulations on your weight loss :D :D :D

I too am feeling a bit like you, I've just gone to 790 and that alone is scary to me, I've got to do one more week of it then go to 1000 plan. At the moment the amount on 790 feels like a lot, so like you I'm dreading next week, and eating breakfast:eek: lunch:eek: and dinner:eek:

I am obviously going to do it though, as now I'm slimmer I want to be healthy also.

Do you do any exercise? I keep telling myself, that as long as I keep exercising then I won't put any excess weight back on.

I think we can do this, the maintenance chapter is drawing ever nearer, and I've always felt this is the challenging bit. Getting rid of the weight is definately easier than keeping it off. Soooo many choices again:(

But...never before have I had minimins or got to this sort of weight. I'm determined to keep it off and you will too.

I know how scary it feels, I didn't want to move up the plans, but the bottom line is you have to for your health, you now will learn how to eat sensibly WITHOUT putting weight on. As Vicky has said if you carry on doing a VLCD plan (which includes 790) when your BMI is 25 or under you will burn and lose muscle mass - which you don't want to do. I lost my last half-stone working my way up the plans, without any additional exercise and after the initial worries enjoyed eating good, healthy food again. Bear in mind that most diets (WW, SW etc) base their plans on around 1500 cals per day and you would lose weight on that, 1000 is still low calorie and you will still lose your weight. It just takes a bit of getting used to eating all that food.

All the best

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