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Not feeling like I'm in ketosis....

I'm a bit concerned because at no point on this diet have I felt like I'm in ketosis. I won't buy keto sticks because I'm obsessed already with weight and inch loss so refuse to put myself through it.

But, having done this before I know what ketosis feels like and I don't have any of the tell tale signs :-( whilst I'm doing ok weight loss wise at the moment I'm worried that it will soon grind to a halt if I'm not in ketosis soon.

Is anyone else in ketosis but doesn't really feel anything? X
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I don't feel like it and don't feel like i'm loosing any weight, i still feel really starving and my stomach really rumbles and stuff, but they have an endless supply of ketostix in work, so every time i go in i test it and its always there. Maybe some people don't get the energy burst or the less hungry feeling.. i know i don't.. only thing i do get is the dog breath.
See I don't even have dog breath! I'd love to have dog breath! Ha ha!

I guess we are all different, I did have 2 days where I felt like I was going into ketosis when I was very hungry and had headaches etc but nothing since.

You are doing so well, don't feel like you're not losing, your stats prove otherwise! Xx
as do ur's 20lbs is brilliant! we'll be skinny minnies in no time
I have never felt I'm in ketosis

I did ask OH if I had dog breath, the bastI'd said i always had!! Pmsl

don't worry about it, if your losing weight..

Don't worry, be happy !!
Your posts are very interesting cause I have often felt like I'm not in ketosis. I'm also a daily weigher and a few times I went 3 days without loosing anything. I began to panic, especially in the early days. Now I knew I hadn't eaten anything that would take me out of ketosis, I just felt I wasn't loosing as much as I should and I was also hungry. I was so desperate about it one day, I rushed to the chemist & got the ketostix, checked the urine and was relieved to see dark purple on the stick. It did put my mind at rest, but I began to think about the hunger and there could be so many reasons for it, the cold weather makes me hungrier (cause body is burning up energy trying to keep warm, but this is good as more weight loss), exercise makes me ravanous (the secret here I think is not to do too much, just enough to burn fat, but not enough to make the hunger uncontrolable, I've even started to exercise an hour and a half before my shake is due, the exercise takes an hour and a half, so hunger satisfied by shake after exercise). The other thing that makes me hungry is long breaks between shakes, I really try my best to have them at the same time every day and I bring them or a flapjack where ever I go, in case I'm caught short! Oh the tricks you have to learn to get yourself to stick to this diet!
I have never felt I'm in ketosis

I did ask OH if I had dog breath, the bastI'd said i always had!! Pmsl

don't worry about it, if your losing weight..

Don't worry, be happy !!
That's the same as Joe Amanda.. He said i have always had sh!t breath!!! x x

I feel the same though.. I am in the same size clothes, still feel hungry and have zero energy... I keep thinking i will go to my next weigh in and call it a day... Then my weigh in comes, i am well chuffed and end up doing another week! lol

Because i have my shakes as slush, i get up at 7am (ish) but don't have my first shake till long after the school run, about 10am, then my second at about 2pm, them my last at about 6pm.. If i want to i then have bouillon whilst watching eastenders.
I have set times for mine too
Seemed like an even spread

but as long as I lose I don't and havnt all the way through this, thought about the scientific side of things. If I lose it's working, I don't have to pee on a stick to lose weight ! Lol
Nor me Amanda.. And i don't want something else to worry about if it is not the right "shade" lol.... I will only worry when i don't lose enough regularly.. My chemist has never even offered to sell them to me, or to do the test for her. x
Hi Batlo8

Glad you mentioned this...I never feel like I'm in ketosis or whatever that is meant to feel like. The thing is I genuinely don't really feel very hungry which to me was always the 'sign' I was on diet and losing weight. Because I don't have this I feel as though nothing is happening...but it is, when I go for weigh in...it has come off.
Of course I do feel 'hungry' when I'm bored and OMG I'm NOT watching Jamie Oliver again...after his last show when he piled those slices of beef onto the horseradish sauce I nearly ran off and ate the wallpaper...eeeek!:p


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I do have the sticks and know I'm in ketosis, but I don't get the dog breath (yipeee) - I've checked with several reliable sources ;) I'm mostly always hungry and generally don't have the sense of wellbeing or heaps of energy. Only thing I have had is that I've been sleeping really, really well since starting the diet (usually have awful insomnia) and I have had the odd day of constantly cold hands and feet. Today I've been really cold, but also had energy and felt very happy. It's a one off though I'm sure lol.

I too do not know if i'm on Ketosis, except for my family telling me about by elephant breath !.. I plan to buy the Keto sticks just to reassure myself perhaps twice a week.

Something is happening to me as I sleep very well now and jump out of bed rather than crawl out at snail pace and also have no great hunger pangs .. even while the kids have crisps/pizza/cookies.... so something is happening !

My only thing is with all this water drinking and be 100% so fat to day 6, my trousers still feels tight, my stomach still bloated and big !

Await the big day on Wednesday for the real true fact !
Good luck gopi
you will have a fantastic loss for definate if you have been 100%
no doubt, keep the faith, trust me xx
If you don't have any symptoms I wouldn't worry, so long as you are 100% sticking to plan, you are lucky to not have dog breath! lol
The weigh ins will show you if you are in ketosis as there are no other diets where you lose so much :)
Emma x