Not feeling very well...


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Hi ppl

Just wanted to check if this is likely to be related to CD or not....I have had a really horrific headache for the last few hours that just wont shift...when I was reading Chloe a story the words all jumbled together and I could barely read it....feeling very faint and like I will actually get sick and headache is still here (have a feeling the sickness is related to the headache) anyway, only managed 2 packs today and just over 4 litres of water (been drinking more than that the last few days) my tummy is horrible as well... I felt so weak earlier on that I had a couple of bourbon biccies to try make me feel better...didnt work though....been in bed since about 7.30 but head is so bad I cant sleep....any advice please????
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:( Sorry to hear your not well at the moment, there are alot of nasty viruses about at the moment. I work in a hospital and you'll be suprised how many ppl have come in with headaches. Please don't worry though 99% of them are admitted over night for obs then discharged the very next day. unfortunately there nothing you can do about viruses they just go when ithe body fights back and wins.

Try to get get some sleep, i'm sure you'll feel better after a good noght sleep.....

Sorry can't help much but look after yourself honey and hope you are feeling better very soon..



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Sorry to hear your feeling so poorly! Not sure if it's to do with diet or not? Sure some1 will come along with an answer soon!
If i were you i'd take some paracetamol get a cool flannel and turn all the lights off and lie down with it across my forehead! Try some nice deep breathing, try and concentrate of each breath, in and out! It's what i do when i get a cracking head ache!
Hope you feel better soon! x


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I hope you feel better soon hun. xxx


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Really good reason to have an early night. Take painkillers have your other pack and go to bed. Light out and relax. Don't spend any more time on the computer makes it worse. Wouldn't have thought it would be a migraine if you don't normally get them but if they recurr get some migraleve and get the Doc to check you out.

Spoil yourself and don't go to work if you feel bad in the morn but hopefully an early night is all you need.

Dizzy x


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Aww hope you feel better soon.

Does sound like a migraine I had awful headaches in the first few days and felt better once I had a shake, any chance of having another :confused:


Kazz hun...i have felt like this when i have had migraine coming on or a bad tension headache...maybe only having 2 packs has had an adverse effect..take some tabs..tons water..not too cold or it may give you brain freeze..ouch!:confused:

Try ear plugs, extra pillows to cushion head as it feels the blows...:eek:

hope tomorrow's brighter..x:)


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Hi Kazz
Take some headache tablets - plenty of water - and try to sleep.

If you don't feel any better in the morning, ring your Doctor for an appointment.

Hope you are soon feeling 100% again. (((hugs)))


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hi kazz,

i feel the same very very weak, feeling faint alomost feel few mins ago and rite now my hands are shaking while i type and head hurts aswel.
I am on day three wat day you on??

hope u feel better soon and me aswel:(


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Hey darlin, it defo sounds like a migraine to me.... you should be fine in the morning!! Certainly hope you are xx


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hey Kazz,

with the day you have described and the pressure that comes with it and the prospect of returning to work tomorrow after the hols - sounds like stress to me (whether this has triggered a migraine I wouldn't dare to guess) - so pop a couple of IBUPROFENS, perhaps a nice hot bath and then early night.

By the way, don't tie the wrists of minime too tight or tie the gag too hard - circulation gets cut off and the paperwork would be terrible

Good luck and hope the head clears up by morning


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Thx everyone...finally managed to get to sleep about 12.30 last nite....only to be woken at 6 by my mates bloke ringing me to say she'd just had her baby!! Feelin much better but the pain is stil there although nowhere near as bad as it was last least I feel like I could drive this morning!! Gonna see how I feel when I get to Chloes school cos if its stil niggling then theres prob not much point going to work cos I have a feelin the computer wud make it come back..thinking about it with a clear head, this did happen before although wasnt quite as scary as last nite!