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Not getting on with Milk week

I decided to do a milk week because I haven't done one yet and I've noticed my hair starting to fall out more. I've also been poorly recently with laryngitis and a chest infection (and a subsequent reaction to the antibiotics) so I am well below par and very low on energy.

The thing is that I rarely drink milk when eating normally - I just don't like it, and if I do have any it has to be skimmed UHT which everyone tells me is the devil's milk LOL.

I've tried adding it to my soups - but I honestly nearly threw up. I can just about stomach it in my chocolate shakes but aren't taking anywhere near as much as I should be - maybe 150ml in a shake.

I tried a skinny latte yesterday but again I don't drink coffee normally and never have. It was a real struggle to drink it all and was left feeling nauseous and jittery as I don't usually have caffeine.

Drinking straight milk is not an option, and I don't drink tea either.

So i'm at a bit of a loss to be honest. I think it would do me good but I'm not willing to risk ruining the soups and chocolate shakes for me if you know what I mean.

My husband is a bit worried, and wondered if I could just have an extra pack a day for a week in order to boost my calories a little without adding milk or anything outside the programme. I'm not sure how many extra calories there are in milk week but I'd have thought that this is a reasonable suggestion - it makes sense to me.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Is there something obvious that I've missed that would make this unworkable? :confused:
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Hey Snorks

I never ended up doing milk week at all. I had always thought I would, but when the time came, I was feeling fine. I have had the hairloss - massively but apart from that felt great. I would give your LLC a call re the extra pack and see what she/he has to say. I have no probs with skimmed UHT milk in fact I think it tastes quite nice :) There is no reason you shouldnt suppliment with this? Perhaps your LLC would allow you a Fat Free Yoghurt instead or similar, or perhaps just don't bother with the rest of milk week. Sorry I can't be of more help hun.

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An extra pack would be pointless, you will just be over-ingesting on vitmains and minerasls with very little benefical calorific gain. 4 packs are all that you need.

There is nothing that says you have to drink the milk - I have been LL for almost 12 months now and have NEVER done a milk week.

The idea of the milk week is that is brings you out of deep ketosis and into a mild one to give your body a rest for a few days - unless you feel you really need that, just go back to water in the packs and forget the milk.
Milk week was only introduced a couple of years ago. Prior to that people just stayed on packs until they achieved their goal.
When it came to milk week I was really in a routine with the packs and water and didn't want to rock the boat so I didn't do the milk.
I am so glad because ome of the ladies in my group has never been able to get back on track after milk week and she's given up now.
I don't think an extra pack would be beneficial, Just do what seems right for you.
I agree with the above posts. If it is causing you distres, then I would skip it. You can have Soy Milk, if thats of any help. Its a bit lighter then regular milk I believe.

Good lukc hon...hope you are feeling all bright and shiny again soon.

Ok thanks everyone, I think I'm just going to take the milk in my shake for the last couple of days and that's it. I can't have it any other way - bleurgh!

Nice to see you posting Pollyy! TBH my LLC has been very noncommital about things like this, she's not an awful lot of help.
Try making ice cream (low fat obviously).
Not a bad idea - making 'ice cream' with the packs is gorgeous - made with milk, very nice. Just use little milk, about 250ml, lots of ice and 2 packs (if you can get by having 2 at once and doing without later)

Its the BOMB! :D

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