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I rang my cdc earlier as im feeling so ill so have decided not to go to my weighin tomorow night and i have enough products to last till next weigh day.. this is all fine but my head spoke to me and told me to walk into tesco buy some cooked sasauges and eat them quickly as il still have a loss come next week.. so i bought 10 cooked sasages took them home was just about to bite one and started crying.. i then gave them to kids for tea crying in bathroom i felt like i cheated even tho i didnt eat... WHY IS THE VOICES IN MY HEAD BEING SO BLOODY NASTY TODAY..... ok rant over lol xxx:cry::gen157::banghead::booboo::needhug:
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Hi Hotty , Happens to us all things like that , how you can think for so long about doing something like that , and them thoughts lead to really doing it , but you know its normal but you held off and i bet your thinking hey i will go to bed happy that i didn't eat them . Just keep coming here when you can ok


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im gonna be a reg member now here to annoy you all lol... thanks hun im so glad i didnt eat i would of ate everthing in sight if i did.. thanks for your support xxx


Strong women stay slim
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Yes keep posting girl ! :) And looking at the phots on here , really helps !!
forget about it hotty. u didnt eat them thats the main thing.Maybe you would be better of going to your weigh in? just to keep u in the zone sort to speak? We are all here to give you support so whenever you wanna rant/chat come on here :) there is always someone about

becky xx


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OMG the amount of times I wanted to stuff all the meat or cheese into my mouth from making my husbands sandwiches for work. Believe it or not, cooking things is ok because the smell is enough to keep me going. At least you didn't cheat. You are normal though, i think we all have thought about it from time to time. It's not even hunger, it's just wanting to pig out now and again.
Well done you.

Lisa Marie

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The little voices in your head telling you to buy them also told you not to eat them. Well done for not caving in you DIDN'T cheat that's the main thing. I think Becky's right perhaps you should go to your WI it prob will keep you on the straight & narrow.
OMG. Well done for not having a bite. Not sure I could muster up that kind of will power. I came close the other day and got straight on here to moan. Everyone so supportive and willing to post encouragement. I too am now a regular now. Keeps me going through the day. especially as kids on holidays and constantly raiding the fridge and asking for food.


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:pWelcome Hotty! Pat yourself on the back for not giving in. Take one day at a time, but I agree maybe going to weigh in will help, you never know sharing your story with the others could provide them with much needed encouragement!
Have a great day! :)


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ahh you showed great will power not biting!! be proud of yourself.. onwards and downwards..

ps .. Tescos' fault realy, piping those smells round the store must be banned!
lol thanks everyone... i aint going to meeting tonyt cant handle it i just wanna stay home av a long soak and drink lots.. feeling a bit **** last few days. its not the diet its im just not myself and very quiet hmmmmm... xxx
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you poor thing think your just having a hard time of it stick with it though you'll be so pleased when you done then!

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