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Before my weighin last night i had an email from my cdc to ask me if i can make my appointment at 7.30 not 7pm, thats was ok as a one off (so i thought), when i got there which was a little early (5mins) there was a lady still there, the ladys gone i go in, at the end of the weighin when were arranging next week times, cdc says to me 7.30pm ok for next week i, said no not really its a bit late (hubby has to drive me as i dont drive and i have to young kids who need to be in bed for school etc), so the appointment is arranged for 6.45 and she says itll be a 15min appointment:confused:, cdc then says she'll ask the lady if she can make her appointments earlier or later but she has young kids aswell, what im moaning aboiut really is surely she shouldnt of arranged with her for 7pm on a monday in the first place as that was my time slot and it has been for the past 3 weeks, am i right in being a bit annoyed??????, if the lady cant do earlier or later ill be finding another cdc
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I think you are right to be annoyed, you had that time slot and you should be able to keep it. Mine changes every week pretty much but I have no commitments and can drive myself.


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I have had over-laps before and double bookings. It is a nuisance. I think the best solution is to carry on for a few weeks and if the problem continues it may be worth looking up a new CDC who can be flexible around what times are good for you.

Hope the problem doesn't continue for you.

Hugs x x x


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I'd have a chat with your CDC and if she can't do a time that fits into your regime, and its not asking much.. then have a look on the CD website to see if there is another CDC in your area. Give them a call to see if they would see you at your time each week? If they can, then I'd go with that CDC and explain to your present CDC that you are changing due to circumstances. It has to suit you. Although we all can be a little flexible, but if you had a set time, its not right (I wouldn't like it) if she changed that for another client of hers, before asking you. Could you speak to her on the phone before your next meeting, and explain how you feel? x