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not happy :(


Strong women stay slim
They say a stone a month , but time of the month you can hold up to 7 Lb's then a week later should even itself out


Strong women stay slim
sorry i really didn't say that how i should of said it , they say you can lose a stone a month .


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Yes you will get some weeks when you hardly lose anything, but you're still losing inches.

I only lost a pound in week 4.
But you may be surprised - the weight can suddenly drop and may well do before your weigh in.

Well done on losing a stone so far, that's a great start :party0011:


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Echoing the posts above me - at TOTM I can retain anything between 4-7lb of water. Don't be too worried by this though as if you WI this week is affected by this the likelihood is you will have a good loss the following week.

As for week3 being a poor WI result I don't really know - from memory I think I lost 3lb in week 3 which for me is a great loss :) - I was lucky to lose 1/2 pound a week on SW or WW.

I was a serial scale offender when I started CD and used to weigh myself daily (ok about 3 times daily :eek:) and would find the same as you that my weight stayed the same all week and quite often a couple of pounds would drop off overnight or on the day of my official WI - CD losses can be a bit weird and wonderful like that ;). I found that weighing daily could upset and de-motivate me before the day had started if I was not seeing a loss every few days so on my CDC's advice I have stopped weighing daily and now only weigh on a saturday morning and in the evenings when I see her for my CD WI.

Well done on your loss so far F2F - try not to fret too much about your WI this week and remember if you are sticking to the diet 100% then you will be losing weight + inches even if it is not showing on the scales on one particular day.

Stay cool and let us know how you get on tonight :cool:


Strong women stay slim
well if we keep it up we will get a bum like this ! hehe hey we may be even daring to take a pic with it on at the end hehe

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