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not in a good place


is slowly shrinking
sorry guys i not been around, i have not beeen in a good place at the moment. As u know i will do anything for any1, but some1 has deeply affended me, and i am finding it hard to acept. it has knocked my confidence and i have shut my self away. i can;t eat and all i want to do is curl up and sleep my self away. why is there always people to knock u, and why do we take it to heart, i am a very sensitive person and hate myself for letting this get to me, so i may not be around so much sorry,:(
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I am sorry you are not in a good place right now.

Please come back when you need to, lots of people here to support you, I imagine at one time or another most of us have a life changing experience that has affected us very deeply.

You have done so well on your weight loss journey.

Hope to see you back posting soon.




Gold Member
Sorry to hear that Shirley, really hope it does not affect your weight loss journey too much as you are doing so well. Think about all you have achieved both with your weight and with your new job and believe more in yourself.
Bren xx
You need to get a grip matey, in the nicest possible way.

People who offend you should be a reason for you to be stronger, not to make you hate yourself. :(

You are so much of a better person than them, so why let them bring you down to their level? :confused:

Why not hold your head up high, look them in the eye and laugh at how good your life is compared to theirs? Why not keep doing what you are doing and show them that it takes a damn sight more than them to bring you down?

I hope that whatever has happened is only a temporary setback for you cos I'd really like to see you get on top of this and be back to your usual self. :)

Best wishes. x


Grumpy Old Git
You've got friends on here Shirley.....I'm one, so chin up girl and lets have a group hug.:grouphugg:

And to whoever upset you.....:massmoon:
Shirley.....u dare leave us......and i will also be upset :(

Stayyyyyyy, and we are your friends so we need and want u to b here with us xxx
Calligas, focus on the positive and your recent achievement as well as all the upcoming successes in your profession. There will be many more knocks as we all know, but the important thing is to bounce back as a stronger and better person.


Rebel without a calorie
We're here for you Shirley. You have had so many successes recently both with the diet and the new job so no-one should be so cruel and make you feel like this. You are a strong and confident woman. Stick 2 fingers up at them and keep on being you x


is slowly shrinking
thanks for your comments, it is no1 on this site, it is some1 from uni, who thinks they are the bees kneees. I am meant to be going away with these people in a few weeeks, but this 1 person is making mw feel so low. she is 1 of those who leads and the rest of the sheep follow. Troublw with me i can see right thro her, and wil not give into her commands so she gets ever1 on side and makes me feel so useless and lonely.
I guess because i have no confidence as it is, i take things to heart. I would really like to show her a piece of my mind but it will only make the rest of the group feel worse.
Sorry to go on, but why do some people think they are above every1 else, i thought humans were humans and an equal race, but it seems not.
I am just dreading going away and celebrating my graduation now, i know it sounds daft and should not let her get to me, but it really deeply hurts me.
sorry to rant, but i feel so alone.
I am sorry i n ot been herre as much but my computer is in menders and i have to use hubbys, but i am still here. xxxxx


From Piglet to Twiglet
Calli, I don't know you (apart from on here) and you seem like a great lady to me - always helping others and cheerleading us on and you have achieved so much in your weight-loss and in your life. This other person sounds like she has some deep seated issues and is clearly insecure about herself and her place in the world. This sounds like a not very subtle case of good old-fashioned bullying to me. Don't let her project her problems onto you, just keep being yourself (hard though it is) and be proud that you aren't a sheep.

More importantly, don't let her pull you down to her level. Occupy the high moral ground. When the sheep wise up (and most of them inevitably do) they'll feel foolish and be glad to have a real person like you around. And come here even more often, because you're truly respected around here!


is slowly shrinking
aw thanks skinny,
I know exactly wer u r coming from, but as u see, it is just so hard when people try to make u out to be such a freak.
Time and time again i have said i would never let any1 get to me, but i take things so personal. Wish i was thicker skinned. Some people go thro life and don;t give a dam, but thankyou for your kind words, really means alot. x
Girl! Celebrate your graduation. When I did my training there was someone in my group just like the person you described. It may seem everyone is on her side but they are not, they are just coward and reluctant to stand their ground. Stand up for yourself and you will be surprised how much better you feel. Once you start your preceptorship, buckle down and kick ass (shine), let her negativity inspire you to SHINE. That worked for me.


is slowly shrinking
aw thanks itsuptome ,
well i can do better than that as there is 9 in our group and only me has a job, so i can stick myu fingers up. I have always said once i have finished i will have nothing to do with them, as they mean nothing to me, they are not true friends, i seee what u mean they are to coward to stand up to her. She is just well to do sort of person and thinks she is bettter than me i guess, but my personality must have shined thro, as i have the job. And i will not be working within the hospital so will not have to work with them.
I hope when i start my new job to find new friends.
#Tell me, when u qualified did u think u couldn do it, i am so scared i don;t know enough, i guess its natural, but i feel so out of depth. Advice please from a newly qualified staff nurse to be, OMG.:eek:
What an achievement girl - Focus on your graduation and how proud of yourself you and your family should be. Stuff those at uni coz you won't see them again and you are the only one to have wonderful glittering new career already lined up.

I too have just finished at uni and had a similar experience and it did take all my energy and effort to find the pride and confidence in myself to look forward to my new life ahead.
I have met my new colleagues to be and they are lovely. I have virtually forgotten all that happened during training and wonder now what I was so stressed about.
I wish the same for you hun.

Just put it down to experience and know that it is just a tiny part of your life that you needed to do to get where you want to be.

You've done amazingly well so do not let these people ruin your celebration or your graduation.

Be proud of yourself - you are fabulous.


is slowly shrinking
oh what would i do without you lot, you have been so amazing and made me see sense. i guess its hard to believe you have achieved something when yr confidence is so low due to being overweight etc.
I so wish you were all around me life would seem so much easier, if every1 could be as supportive.
thanks again all for your replies, means so much to me.
I must admit it knocked me for 6 this week, and i confess to bingeing because of it, which i am really annoyed at, hence why i have not honked most of the week. i just need to focus now and get back on track, but i gues it will have to wait til after my graduation. But i am not giving up, and just hope i have not done too much damage on the scales tomorow.
all my love a more positive person x


Rebel without a calorie
Great to see you back to your happy confident self hun. It's the same in whatever new job you start. You always feel like you don't know enough but you've done your training and now you just need some experience. Everyone around you will have been in the same position at some time and will be supportive and helpful x

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