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Not looking forward to today!!!


Now to maintain.....
not looking forward to it at all!!!!
despite being 100% all week and exercise thrown in too my bloody scales havent moved!!! argh!!!!
ok so i know its star week but ive had two of them since i started and not had a prob before.
not looking forward to weigh in tonight at all....it'll be my 11th one and it looks like im going to gain or sts at best...sob....ive never not lost before.
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Now you know you shouldn't have got on the scales!

Just go along and see what they say at WI You might be pleasantly suprised, but if not at least you will have the support of your group and C.

Good luck. xx


is working hard.....
* week is a pain - in every sense!! :sigh:

I totally understand how you feel though - good effort (should) = good result! And a STS or gain can demoralise (and frustrate!!). Hold on though - you are expecting the worst today but it hasn't happened yet! Your WI may surprise you :bliss:!!

Another way to look at it is how far you have come. Look at your ticker hon - 25 lbs loss in 11 weeks - you are averaging over 2lbs a week and that is just brilliant! Those faster early losses do inevitably slow down but you are doing so well :0clapper:

Good luck today, and try and remember how well you have done and how far you've come on this journey. :hug99: xx


Now to maintain.....
thanks guys.
i am going to class.....wouldnt miss it for the world and would rather know whats,what!!
just im only 3lb away from 2stone so gave it a real onslaught this week,lol!! and it aint gonna be great....just seems like such a lot of effort and money spent for hardly anything.

but with my sensible head on im just hoping its not a gain....then it will still be a good result,although not great!
Good luck!
I had weeks where I thought that I hadn't lost anything, went to class and was pleasantly suprised!
I think that when you lose every week (I'm sorry to say, that I did lose every week), there is a lot of pressure (internal - if you understand) to keep doing the same.
Be gentle on yourself, if it does not happen this week, then you will see a great loss the week after. x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Stop weighing yourself before class!!!!!

You will go through today feeling really deflated and could be swayed to just have the things you shouldnt have, just because your scales dont show what you want them to.
Wait until you get to class Hun, you may be surprised!



Now to maintain.....
just thought id update to say i lost 1lb tonight :)
YEY!! I was about to say that the last time I weighed myself before class it STS but when I got there I had lost. That was at the beginning, and now i know not to weigh myself at home.


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Well done Luverick, I know how you feel my scales havent budged all week its a nightmare. I really need to throw these scales out or hide them at least. Glad you lost.
Well done. I promised myself no weighing in the week and i have gone 4 days without doing it so far. It gives you a much more accurate recording. However its so hard when the scales are there staring at you lol.

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