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Not loosing!


Fatty on her way to Fitty
Hi I'm posting on behalf of my fiancé, he's trying to loose weight and not really being very successful, he's consuming around 1500 calories a day give or take 100 and having 1 cheat day on a Saturday. He goes for a run/walk every night after work and his job is very active ( he works at Nissan ) and is basically doing heavy lifting and moving about around 8 hours a day if not more. He's been doing his diet for around 3 weeks and lost 1 stone in the first 2 and now he doesn't seem to be loosing much more. He was 17 stone and is now 16 but keeps fluctuating between just under 16 or just over.

Does anyone know why this could be? Its really getting to him as he's trying so hard.

Here is what he is eating most days.

Breakfast. Handful of Grapes, strawberries and 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk

Dinner. X2 chicken with extra light Mayo sandwiches (wholemeal bread)

Tea. Handful of grapes and strawberries, banana, 1 packet of crab sticks

Drinks. Diet and coke zero

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Thats no where near enough food for a man!!! Wheres his evening meal?? Poor guy. If he lost 1 stone in 2 weeks, hes doing amazing!

My advice would be for him to eat around 2200 calories and get him to the gym to build some muscles! But please.make sure he eats more - definitely not enough!
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He is doing well - stone in 2 weeks not bad, perhaps too much. He may end up following the classic yo-yo effect (hey Ive been there myself!) and you not only put the weight back on but then add more...grrrr

Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. I lose 3lb a week on average but I follow slimming world and exercise around 16-20 hrs a week - weights and cardio. My misses does the same diet and only 4hrs exercise and loses 1.5lb a week. So 1.5-3lb a week seems a workable range.

There is no shortcut - your body slows down its metabolism if you dont eat enough. It also starts storing more fat. It also creates depresssion. Its ironic but you do need to eat a reasonable amount for long term sustainble weight loss


1. Can he have 3x meals and 2 x snacks - your body works better if you eat smaller meals e.g. eat the crab sticks between dinner and tea
2. Aim for around 33% protein. He is light on this - plus try and eat protein with each meal e.g. add a boiled egg for breakfast
3. Mix in some weight based training - gym weights, body weight e.g. press ups, kettlebells, dumbells etc.., your body gets used to things and this will complement his work lifting by adding variation
4. Target his calories at a level that makes sense - he is way too low and its counterproductive. I dont go below 1900 calories and probably need 2700-2900 per day for the energy I expend. If i train more I will eat more. (I follow the equation of BMR x 1.55 to work out my calories needs - there are calculators on line for this)
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from a fitness perspective he may not be working hard enough (no offence). Would be worth purchasing a heart rate monitor and checking his heart rate is kept around 80-85% of max heart rate (220-age =max) for a sustained period when he exercises (30-45 mins). This is assuming he has no heart issues.
Heavy lifting is no guarantee of a trim physique. I see tons of strong removal men who can lift heavy items all day but still have big bellies.
Well done on his current weight loss

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