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Not Losing Weight on first week of VLCD diet

Hey all.

I've done a VLCD diet 2 years ago where i was able to lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks.

I had planned to keep going on VLCD until i reached my goal weight but on the 4th week i got very sick. I caught the flu and it led to bronchitis for 2-3 whole months. I was unable to be on VLCD while that sick and eventually gained 15lbs back because i just went back to eating crap and not exercising.

Anyway this time I plan to be on it until my goal weight is reached and I plan to do a lifestyle change once my goal is reached.

I am 5ft2, 25yrs old, Female and 170lbs (BMI 31) right now. My goal weight is 120lbs (BMI 21.5)

I plan to lose 50lbs. I was 120lbs in the past before i started gaining weight.

Last week i started on Optifast VLCD. I am eating the bars and not the shakes. The bars are about 220 calories each + I am having some non starch raw vegetables per day to snack whenever i feel hungry + 2 cans of 0 calorie diet sodas per day.

So i calculate i am eating around 700 calories per day. I am also taking a multi vitamin + fish oil and vitamin e.

It's been exactly 7 days since i started and i stepped on the scale and i have lost nothing. :( I can't believe it.

I am not on my monthly however i do feel very bloated and gassy. I am constantly farting and burping and feel bloated.

I did not feel this way the first time i tried optifast VLCD 2 years ago.

Is there something wrong? Has anyone experienced what i am experiencing?
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Dont understand the moderators comment !!!!
I started Optislim this week and have lost 7lb, cant believe it, it is so easy.
1000 cals per day, 2 shakes 1 meal 500 cals and snacks.
I would recommend this but as only done one week hard to say how much I will lose in a month.


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I didn't think you could eat / drink that much on a vlcd?

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The OP posted initially saying 'I cant post anywhere' to which I replied and instead of them posting another message they edited the original one which made mine look plain stupid - most apreciated :mad:
sorry. that was my plan from before i even posted it. it seemed as though if i write a long post. it wouldn't post it. :s i just thought maybe this place had a limit of the amount of characters allowed per post so i planned to just write a 1 line post and edit it to what i originally wanted to write in the post. that is why i posted it in this section and not in the technical support section. i planned it that way. lol i just didn't expect someone to read it and reply to it within 1 minute of me posting it. lol


Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
I didn't think you could eat / drink that much on a vlcd?

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I think you can choose whether you have LCD or VLCD , so I chose LCD whicj is 1000 calories including all snacks one meal and 2 shakes. You get access to a brilliant website so you can log all your food and weight loss and great good tips. There is a forum on there as well. Not as good as this one though !!!
I didn't think you could eat / drink that much on a vlcd?
optifast VLCD program says 3 optifast a day with 1 cup of non starchy vegetables per day and 0 calorie drinks are allowed. 3 optifast bars are already 660 calories.

The Optifast shakes have less calories. 460 calories per day if i switch to shakes only but i am always hungry when i chose to do all liquid diet. i find chewing something makes me feel fuller for longer and in the longrun i think it's better since i won't binge eat or jump off the wagon :s
guess everyone lost weight on vlcd except for me. :( 9th day now and still no weight loss.

My mother passed away a month ago and i was eating 1 box of pizza a day since i was too busy with everything that's happened to even eat properly.

I'd just order 1 pizza a day. After 2 weeks i lost 2lbs. :( i think i lost weight because of the stress and adrenaline + i was very busy. i was very active Running around arranging things up to 12 hours per day non stop. now everything is settled down, iam back with my normal life and iam on VLCD for 9 days and it's no weight loss. :s maybe i should go on a pizza and exercise diet instead. :(


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Stick with it, as you know on that many calories your body will lose the weight. Other things, like TOTM can affect you, I also think stress makes a difference too, and it sounds like you've been going through a really stressful time.

I don't know about optislim, but most of the other vlcds suggest only 1 bar a day, as they tend to be higher in carbs, which can prevent you getting into ketosis.

With the vegetables, if it's like the other vlcds, make sure it's low carb ones that you're having, things like cabbage, lettuce, broccoli etc; things like carrots, peas etc are much higher in sweet carbs, and may also prevent you getting into ketosis.

Again, I don't know specifically about optislim, but assuming it's like the others, on Exante they suggest staying away from citric acid too, many of the diet drinks use citric acid in them - this doesn't affect everyone, but may make it harder to get into ketosis for some people. The drinks that are free of this are Dr Pepper Zero and Coke Zero, as well as a few of the flavoured waters, I think Sainsburys fizzy strawberry is OK.

The other thing you can have with Exante, if you need to eat something is some lean meat, again this will be low carb, and you may find it satisfies your need to have eaten something too.

You've had a lot on with what's happened to your Mum, try and be kind to yourself, and follow whatever it is you need to do. Hope things get easier for you soon. xx

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