Not lost anything since Friday


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I have not lost anything since Friday on CD sole source, I lost 8lbs in my first preperation week and it is TOTM. I know it is only monday but I thought I would loose 1lb. Do you notice that you do not loose in TOTM weeks? Any help would be appreciated. Also what is the adverage weight loss per week? Thanks in advance.
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Its very hard to say average weight loss for a week. But I've read it somewhere that you would lose at least a Stone in 4 weeks. I've always seen my weight loss varying a lot. So don't worry. Just stick to the diet and you will definitely see the difference...


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Yep! Don't worry you'll get a good loss at end of TOTM. As long as you are 100% good.

Dizzy x


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hi bunnycd,

i lost 8lbs in my first week aswel i had my weigh in on thursday, it was also my TOTM, but since then i have not lost anything aswel scales are still the same.
Its so depressing i feel so down i thought i mite have lost atleat another lb.

I can only hope this is normal and the weight will start to come off soon.



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Hi girls

If weighing yourself is getting you down you are best to pack it in and just have a weekly weigh in. I love to weigh each day but you can't let it affect your morale and so many decide that a once a week weigh in is the only way that they can get by.

Best of Luck

Dizzy x


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Dizzy is right - if possible, stay away from the scales!! They can depress and demotivate you.

I was so upset on Friday as I'd weighed myself and put on 2lb .... but stuck to SS. Anyway - did well over weekend - in ketosis today and weighed myself and 2lb gone!!


When I did VLCD a couple of years ago, I used to weigh every day and record it. I found a pattern to my weight loss. I found that I would weigh the same for up to 4 or 5 days then loose a couple of pounds a day for the next couple of days. Sometimes I would stay the same day after day, then suddenly loose 5 lbs.
Don't get disheartened, stick at it and it will all average out in the end. This diet DOES work. You should loose at least a stone every month. Good luck and keep up the good work


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Thanks everyone for the motivation. It is just a bit dissapointing as you are suppose to loose the most in the 1st 2 weeks. I am sure it will even itself out. I also had diet coke yesterday and Sat night. I went to a hen party and drunk water and 2 half's of diet coke. I was proud of myself! maybe this has caused this studden stop.