Not managing my water intake very well


Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have been posting on another couple. I'm currently on day 11 of LL and lost 11 pounds in my first week:D . Now I'm happy with what I'm doing with the sachets I'm getting lazy about the water.:eek:

What does everyone else do to ensure they get their 4plus? I'm trying to ensure I've had 2 litres by midday, but then the afternoon gets away with me. Also weekends have been challenging, as I'm not sat at my desk at work with a 2 litre bottle right infront of me.
Hiya mamatutu,
Welcome aboard :D

Well done on your 11lb loss, amazing isnt it.

A trick I found worked for me, is saying to myself, 'right you can't have another pack till you've drunk a litre of water'. that way you're sure to get your 4 in and more if you can!

Have your water throughout the day, maybe if you're struggling coz it's the weekend waterwize, set a reminder on your mobile, so say every hour set it and drink 500mls? worth a try, just thought of that one lol, might do it myself!

good luck

I fill the kettle to the top, set it to boil and then drink it continuously all the time. I am lucky in that I can do this (coz I am the boss lol), but, I like it warm with flavourings. I find it goes down much easier that way. I also carry a one litre bottle in the car with me and drink that when picking up the kids.

I try to do a minimum of 2 litres by 12 O'clock (which means I have filled the kettle up twice and allowed for others in the office to have a coffee from that water), then another 2 litres by 6pm (including the one litre in the car). At home I fill the kettle up again (it holds 1.6 litres) and drink at least that plus another one if I can.

I used to drink it cold and just glug it down but I grew to really hate that and this works well for me as I constantly have a mug of warm water on my desk.

Good luck.
Well when I did LL I only ever managed 3 litres a day and still lost every week (apart from two when I maintained). This time on CD I am trying to get closer to 4 litres. I'm trying to drink 1.5 litres before 10am, that leaves me with my other 1.5 litre bottle to drink throughout the day, and then I have a bottle which I carry about with me to make up the other 1 litre.

Lynne x

Firstly well done on your 11lb weight loss you must be so proud.
The water issue has literally "done my head in" in the past 14 weeks for me on the programme. Whilst other group members are drinking 4/5L daily I was only managing 2.5L at the most.

I found it was better if I split the water into smaller bottles rather than carry 2 large bottles around with me and I have found it has got easier with the introduction of the water flavouring Fruits of the Forest. I try and drink plain water in the day and for supper I drink a small bottle with some flavouring in for a bit of taste whilst watching TV.

I see it this way that I am drinking more water than I did pre-LL and that must be a big plus. And also my weight loss isn't affected whatsoever with the water I drink whatever amount, although I can't speak for everybody as other members swear that the water aids their loss.

I think you can only do what your body tells you to do and if you feel you can drink 4L then try and do it, otherwise it is no use if it makes you ill, like it did with me.
Good Luck and keep on with the good work your doing.

Always remember that you aren't drinking water because you like it, you aren't drinking it because you are thirsty.

You are drinking it because it allows you to finish the diet quicker, feel better, not get constipated and generally allow the fat to fall off of you.

Try not to drink it cold as it is harder to drink in volume.

Try not to drink out of a sports bottle as that restricts the flow of water.

And always keep a close eye and try and have the same each day.

At home I drink from pint glasses and try to refeel the glass everytime I go to the loo.I always have a pint at same time as shake.If I have a coffee I always have a glass of water as well
If I have coffee when out alway as for a glass of tape water as well.
At work i have a 1lt bottal by the till but drink it from a glass as I drink more that way.Also I have a big mug for coffee at work.

As Mike said just think of it as a diet aide.Water is a big part of the diet.
I feel I should clarify, I don't have a problem with drinking the water and I don't dislike drinking the water, but sometimes I just forget to do it. My point was to open a conversation about what everyone does to ensure they are getting their 4 litres a day.
Hi hun - some people like to line up 8 500ml bottles of water on the kitchen windowsill and measure their intake that way.

Another tip that Karion Dieting gave is to take 8 rubber bands and to put on onto your 500ml bottle every time you fill it up from the tap.

How I did it was to fill up a 1 1/2 litre thermos flask with peppermint tea and to ensure that I had at least two of those, alongside a 2l bottle of fizzy water a day.

Hope that helps.