Not quite re-feeding?!


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I could do with some advice if anyone out there can help? Only been doing this for 16 days (but doing great) and go on holiday skiing on 31st Jan. I don't really want to stop LIPO but can't see how it's going to be manageable.....any suggestions? I'm worried that if I just go back to eating, however sensibly, whilst I am on holiday that I won't be able to get back onto LIPO, added to which I will have lost the momentum that I seem to have at the moment! And will I put back on whatever I will have lost by then which should be about 20lbs?????

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i personally wouldn't break the diet to go on holiday full stop but that is because i knew that if i did i wouldn't be able to get back on track with the diet but that was me,all or nothing, only you know how much you want to do this and how strong your will power is as it is alot harder to restart the diet after having a break 'so i have been told and you can read some threads from other people who have had a break and then restarted'

if you refeed properly then eat you shouldn't gain anything really as long as you stick to the refeed week properly then eat low fat ,low carb where possible on holiday. whether or not you can get back on it or not when you return from your holiday really depends on how much you want to continue with it ? i wish you luck with whatever you can ask your pharmacist for a refeed sheet one week before you go so that you are prepared properly to start eating / drinking on your holiday

good luck xxxxxx



I did LT for just over 3 weeks before Christmas and then did the refeed week. Was ill over Christmas so was fine really but the new year I saw my old habits creeping back. So 9/1/09 straight to pharmacy and back on LT. I have to say that I was dreading restarting as so many people had said it was really hard. The thing is I was and still am really focussed that my weight will not go back up beyond say 5lbs of where i want to be so it was as easy as the first time for me. I didn't have as much to lose as some and will be refeeding again maybe next week. But I intend keeping a close eye on those scales and have asked the pharmacy if I can go back in for weighing for the first couple of months.

everything depends on how much you want it I suppose.

Good Luck



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S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
thanks for that. I almost wish that I wasn't going onholiday now......the good thing is that I normally lose a couple of pounds on a skiing holiday anyway as it's such hard work. I will speak to my pharmacist on Monday when I geet weighed and see what she suggests. 1 whole stone down as of this morning - which is hugely motivating