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Not-so Newbie Here

Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Hi guys! The last time I posted on this forum must have been a year ago - and im pretty much the same as I was then, no bigger or smaller! So im back to get to my target weight by my 21st birthday at the end of August. I don't have alot to lose, in fact I already have a healthy bmi, but I'm just looking to shift some pounds so I feel more comfortable in short shirts, strapless tops, bikinis etc.

I've set my first target for a stone, and I think I should be happy with my weight by then, possibly before, so Im just going to see how I get on.

I'm starting tomorrow and will be counting all my calories and easing myself back into some exercise before joining the gym in the next couple of weeks.

I hope this journey is sucessful because I'm tired of getting nowhere!

Good luck to everyone else on their weight loss journies, you all seem to be doing so well!

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Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Thanks Sarah! I've gone up and down a little over the past year but haven't really changed over all!

I know I don't really need to lose any weight if I didn't want to, but I think what one person would be happy with another one won't and so I think it's about finding a weight thats right for you. I've seen girls alot bigger than me wearing bikinis on the beach and they seem to have so much more confidence than me, and I'm sitting there thinking "why can't I wear a bikini if she can?". But the truth is, im just not confident enough to do it, so hopefully with the weight loss my confidence will be boosted and I really won't mind wearing a bikini in front of other people at all.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense!

Anyway, my first day today has gone well so far, I've had:

Breakfast: Branflakes with skimmed milk and a banana (260)
Lunch: Chicken and noodle soup (124)
Snack: Cereal bar (111)

So far that's 495.

I'm going to be having chicken and salad for dinner. I'm not sure how many calories will be in the chicken because it's one of those pre-bought roasted ones from tesco, but I won't have a huge portion and I won't have any skin. The salad will be made out of lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, red onion and feta cheese. Altogether I'm guessing it will come in at around 400, what do other people think?

I'm going to be having around 1000-1200 calories a day so that will leave me with a bit left over so I might have a nice options hot chocolate or something later.

All in all I think it's quite a good day, but please feel free to give me any advice/suggestions on what I should be eating :)

Hope everyone else is doing well too!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
well I'm really happy with how yesterday went. Stuck to my chicken and salad for dinner, had a MASSIVE portion of salad because I felt hungry afterwards so I finished off the bowl of salad! It was very tasty, although I think I may have over-done the red onion abit!!

I also had two squares of dark chocolate before bed, it didn't have the amount of calories on it because it was handmade, I've tried to google it but no luck so I'm going to estimate at 80 cals (they were quite thin pieces)

So all in all I think yesterday came in at around 1000-1100 so I'm very happy with that.

Today I'm hoping for another good day, plan is:

Breakfast: Museli and skimmed milk (214)
Lunch: Chicken and salad (same as last night's dinner) (400)
Dinner: Small Fillet steak and corn on the cob with dianne sauce (386)
Snacks: Banana (100) and jelly (16)

Total: 1116

I also weighed myself yesterday - came in at 8st 4.5lbs with a body fat percentage of 29.7%. I really don't understand how I can weigh so little and yet have so much body fat! Although I am very wobbly! :D I'd like to get this to under 25% but I'm guessing that will take quite a while and a lot of effort, so I'm gonna get started on some toning exercises to help!

Good luck for everyone else's day!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
ok so change of plan - im going out tonight now so think il have soup for lunch, then chicken and salad for dinner, then il save the rest of my cals for alcohol.

hopefully food wise if i come in around 800-900 then that leaves me with quite abit left for alcohol :D

i know alcohol isnt best to have whilst trying to diet but its my final week at uni ever so i have an excuse to celebrate!

ive got another big night out on friday too, but after that i should be able to concentrate fully on eating well!



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S: 18st9lb C: 16st9.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40 Loss: 2st0lb(10.73%)
good luck with the weight loss and enjoy your night tonight, congrats on finishing uni :)


adores posting
S: 10st4.0lb C: 9st11.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(4.51%)
hi there,
food diary seems great how much museli and milk do you get for 214 cals i like a big brekkie thanks

Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
thanks ellem and ditzeeblonde :)

chocaslim, my museli is aplen, a serving size is 45g which is 161 cals, and i guess that i use 150ml of skimmed milk (its prob not that much though) and thats 53 cals which altogether is 214. its not a massive portion to be honest so if your used to having big breakfasts you might want to have a bigger portion. personally, if i were you id try something like scotts porrige oats. its something like 265 cals for a 45g serving with skimmed milk and its really filling. add in some raisins and you'd definately be full until lunch!

Overall i think yesterday went well, i had

Breakfast: museli and skimmed milk (214)
Lunch: Spiced bns, sweet potato and pumpkin soup (200)
Dinner: Chicken Salad with sweet chillie sauce (400)
Alcohol: far too much wine :p
Snack: banana (100) when i got home

food wise thats 914, and i have no idea how many calories were in the wine but i did have a bottle of the stuff :eek: but im not going to beat myself up about it, i was in need of a good night out and i could have done alot worse!

it was a really good night though and i took loads of pictures so ive got loads of memories of my final week at uni :)

today the plan is:

Breakfast: Museli and skimmed milk (214)
Lunch: Spiced bns, sweet potato and pumpkin soup (200)
Dinner: Aberdeen angus burger (225)
large white bap (240)
Salad (lettuce, cucumber and red onion) (15)
Tomato and red pepper relish (30)
Corn on the Cob (121)
Flora spread (35)

total: 1080

and then i might have a little snack before bed or some rivitas to go with my soup. luckily i havnt got much of a hangover so at least i wont be reaching for any greasy food!

heres to a good day!!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
yesterday i prob came in about 1200-1300, as I had a fiber bar (111) and 5 of OH's chips :rolleyes:, but altogether im happy with that :)

today ive had museli for breakfast (214) and will be having salmon fillet and salad for dinner (around 370) leaving me with 616 cals left for lunch as i am going for a picnic with my friends and we are all bringing bits and bobs. im bringing coke zero and bananas as well as some crisps (im going to try and offload them onto my friends who arent dieting!) and i know one of my friends is bringing bagettes and another one cake (im hoping i can resist!) but at least ive left myself plenty of calories for it, so it shouldnt be too bad. as im driving i dont have to worry about alcohol either.

ive got a ball to go to tomorrow evening so il probably have another low day on calories to make up for all the alcohol i will be drinking! but then il be right back on track!

hoping for a 2lb weight loss on monday, fingers crossed!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Well I've not had a great couple of days, lots of partying and food! But I weighed in today (a day early) and I've lost my target of 2lbs! Very happy with that considering I havn't had the best week - I just keep imagining what it could have been if I had been good! Never mind though, I've had a really good week with my friends and looking forward to getting right back on track tomorrow.

I'm starting to look for a job now, I've already had one interview but even if they offer me the job I think i'm going to have to turn it down - it seems that the wage that was advertised is the wage plus possible commission, so the actual wage they are paying is only minimum wage, and I just think they are being abit cheeky considering the amount of effort I foresee going into the job, and the fact that its 42.5hr weeks, including all day saturday. so i think id rather hold out for a better job, and make sure im available to start immediately and go to interviews whenever they need me.

hopefully i wont get too stressed over the job hunt, as that normally makes me turn to food! but hopefully something good will come up soon!

how is everyone else doing??


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Back on track today :)


Breakfast: Museli and skimmed milk (214)
Snack: Banana (100)
Lunch: 2 large boiled eggs (220), 2 slices ryvita (62)
Dinner: 1/2 corn fed chicken breast (122), small serving of gnocchi (90) tomato sauce (80) salad of lettuce, cucumber, red pepper and red onion (15)
Snack: WW belgian chocolate and vanilla mouse (106)

Total: 999



Needs to succeed
S: 16st9lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.15%)
Hi Hun,

Well done on getting back on track, your food for today looks good. I love gnocchi!

Congratulations on your 2lb loss, keep up the good work!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Thanks DecemberBride! My dinner last night was really nice, but I think im going off meat at the moment, I was starting to feel abit sick eating the chicken (so I only ate half of it)
Maybe I should turn vegetarian? Not sure the OH would be that impressed though lol!

Not quite sure what I'm having today, but it will be along the lines of:

Breakfast: Branflakes, skimmed milk and a sliced banana (260)
Lunch: Spiced bns, sweet potato and pumpkin soup (200) - I LOVE this!!
Dinner: Three bean chilli burritos
2 x wrap = 236
Chilli: 210
Salad: 15
Sour Cream: 30
Salsa: 10

Total: 961

I'm kinda guessing the dinner cals so I might have to update later once I know exactly how much of things I'll be using.

It's a little low but I don't count drinks (mainly sugar free squash and a few cups of tea with sweetener) so it will probably be over 1000 by the end of the day.

Really hoping for another 2lb loss this week, although if I get a 3lb loss I'll reach my first mini goal so fingers crossed!


Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Dinner last night was lush, and had a banana afterwards. plus drinks and afew ryvitas with my soup I think I would have come in around 1300.

i think i've got a job... but im not really sure what's going on. i registered for a recruitment agency last week and got a phone call yesterday saying they had a job for me, and told me the pay, the hours and when it would start etc. I said that was great and did i need to come in for an interview or anything, and they said no its all sorted, and that she'll send the info over so i'm to keep checking my email. i havnt recieved anything yet, but it sounded like I've got the job... but i guess i cant be sure untill i get the info from them... if i havnt got it by 4pm i might email her. i'm abit confused tbh, ive not been through an agency before and they havnt explained things too well so i dont really know whats going on!

anyway... if i do get this job il be very happy, it starts a week on monday, its ok money and the hours are really good so i'll have time to go to the gym after work before OH even finishes at his work :D

i've not got anything planned for today but foodwise im planning on:

Breakfast: Branflakes, skimmed milk and a banana (260)
plus a cup of tea, milk with sweeteners (20)
Lunch: either soup or ryvita with laughing cow cheese (around 200)
Dinner: Jacket potato (195) with half tin beans (151) and side salad (15)

Thats only 841, but I don't have anything snacky in the house so not sure how im going to boost that up... ive got some protein shakes for about 200 cals but i normally only have them after exercise... maybe i should do some exercise lol! we'll see!

hope everyone has a good day!



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S: 18st9lb C: 17st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 1st0lb(5.36%)
Congrats on your weight loss and good luck with reaching your first mini goal.:D Your daily menus all sound really nice...especially love Burrito's think I might have them later this week as going Sainsbury's later so trying to plan what I am having for the week. :)

Little Noo

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S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
Thanks Tamzy, Ditzeeblonde and NovaX!

I'm afraid I have a confession... I went to lunch with a friend from back home today as she was visiting for the day and I ended up having chips and onion rings! Grrr!!! It's not like I really fancied them, there was just nothing on the menu I liked so I just picked them coz they were cheap. They were side orders but still really big portions. I have no idea how much they will come to, so going to be super good for the rest of the day!

so far ive had breakfast (260), diet coke (1), chips and onion rings (???) and dinner will be (361). without lunch thats 622, leaving me 578 for the lunch if i wanted to stay within cals. I think the lunch will prob be more like 800 (altough I did only eat half of the chips) so i'll prob come in today around 1400. Not too bad but not brilliant - will have to try harder tomorrow!


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