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Not so scared anymore...


Trainee Maintainer
:sigh::sigh:... scared of standing on the scales. I am so afraid of seeing that I have actually put on ALL my lost weight, plus more. I keep thinking about the blooming scales, sitting upstairs in my daughters room, waiting for me to get a grip :scale:and stop procrastinating.

Every time I think about what I need to do to move forward, I sort of mentally 'veer away' and distract myself with something else. Do you want to guess what???:ashamed0005:

:help2:Anyway, I bet there'll be posters out there who will be willing to give me a kick up :gen144:the bum to:whoopass: get me moving.

My current excuse is...

...I'll wait until tomorrow morning before breakfast when I'll weigh less...

What a load of baloney! Tomorrow morning will come and I will 'forget' and have breakfast, then it'll be...

...I'll wait until tomorrow morning before breakfast when I'll weigh less...

Oh puhleeze:doh:

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Come on AJ .... get it over and done with. If you weigh yourself now ..... then in the morning before brekkie and with no clothes on, you'll have lost weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Must do it this time
good answer flirty,now aj what more of an inncentive do you need.if you keep putting it off until tomorrow then tomorrow will eventually be next month and so on,then you will be alot heavier than you are now,take it from me i loved that same excuse,now im 93lbs overweight what more can i say,
best of luck to you,
elaine x


Trainee Maintainer

Here goes...

Brace yourself...

15 stone 13.5 lbs, lets just say 16 stone.

There, said it.

Well, the world didn't end. In fact, I feel pretty good. I'm still a couple of stone less than when I started LL, so only have about five stone to shift.

I'd better get started on the first stone then:D.

Thanks Flirty and Elaine:thankyou:

I have taken control and it feels GOOD!

:scale: Me, soon...



has started again!!
I'm back!!

Hi AJ. Here I am back again, after a fair old absence, during which I mostly ate chocolate and drank wine. Hence I am now 3 stone heavier than at Xmas. It was the hardest thing I have for ages, to get on those scales and face up to what I had done.

But I did it. I called my local CDC (no more LL for me, cant afford it and prefer CD variety!) Within 2 hours of calling her, (honestly) I had my first weeks packs, ans now I am on day 2!! I admit I feel totally poo tonight, and am here because I am so bloody hungry.

You gave me so much support last year. Let me do the same for you. You only fail if you stop trying. Jump on those scales, get it over with and then move forward. You know you can, you have before.

I saw you commented recently on Shauna's blog, go back re-read that, read her book, read Gilian Riley, then go do it!!! (PS thanks for your tips re Dietgirl, what an amazing inspiration!! and she even emailed me!!!! How fab is that !!!!)

Keep in touch AJ, PM if you want!!

As an aside, I'm still a TA just starting my NVQ3!!! Phew!!! THanks for your advice that way too!!

Brilliant - well done .... and tomorrow morning - weigh yourself before anythingelse with no clothes .... and hey presto - you'll be lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to measure yourself too!!!!!!!!!! Nag nag nag .....
Sooo well done for facing those scales - go you!

I'm so jealous about your cruise - where are you going? Have you done one before? Can I sneak in your suitcase?


Trainee Maintainer

How absolutely fab to hear from you!:wavey:

We can do this, girl. I am still not sure about SSing. I had thought that 'going back' would not be the answer. What made you think to try CD SSing?

Are you doing a diary? I'll have a look out.

"........ saw you commented recently on Shauna's blog, go back re-read that, read her book, read Gilian Riley, then go do it!!! (PS thanks for your tips re Dietgirl, what an amazing inspiration!! and she even emailed me!!!! How fab is that !!!!)........"

That's good advice, I shall also look at my old threads for inspiration. Aren't we always good at giving advice but so bad at taking it?!? I will bite the bullet again and take my own advice:D:D.

Here on Minis there is a wealth of advice and experience which can help and support anyone who is open to receiving it, and learning from it.

I am ready to do both.

My heart is beating with anticipation of the challenge ahead. I haven't felt this much confidence for a long while. It's good to be back.

I will keep in touch Sarah, and hopefully we can both look forward to the coming months with confidence...

"......I'm still a TA just starting my NVQ3!!! Phew!!! THanks for your advice that way too!!....."

I am still a CA, or to be completely accurate a 'Support for Learning Assistant'. Our Acting Headteacher recently left our school to take up a better post as Headteacher and rang and asked me if I would like to apply for a vacancy at her new school. I went and had a look and was impressed. I did apply and have got an interview early in May.

I am looking forward to a new challenge there, too.

Kindest regards, Sarah!



Trainee Maintainer

"..........Nag nag nag ..... "

Feel free to nag whenever the need....:)

"......I'm so jealous about your cruise - where are you going?....."


It is great to hear from you. You went on a cruise last year didn't you? I've been on a few and this year am going with P&O on the Aurora on 30th June to Greenland and the Fjiords (plus Iceland).

Thanks for your lovely comments, too. You were a great help to me last year!


I don't think we've spoken, but thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.

"..........At least you haven't just given up, you've come back here to get your motivation back. I lost four stone with CD then gave up, well drifted off really. I knew the weight was coming back on but was too scared to face it, and when I did I had put 5 stone on!!! Much better to face it earlier on like you have believe me......"

It is just so easy to do. It just shows that this problem is really nothing to do with food, but how we manage (or not manage) our emotions using food. Even with the LL counselling I was still not able to face stuff from the past. It will obviously take more time and work.

Where are you at the moment with your weight issues?



has started again!!
We can do this, girl. I am still not sure about SSing. I had thought that 'going back' would not be the answer. What made you think to try CD SSing?

Well, to be honest AJ, I did try Slimming World (again - a pre-ll haunt of mine!). I lost a tiny bit, but then just lost the plot. Also I am a misery and I found a room full of women harping on about that one peanut and sip of vodka, plus a crumb off a Flake, just got on my nerve so badly!!!

I decided on CD because mainly it is so much cheaper than Ll, and also I had lost confidence in my LLC. I began to feel than the goal was purely monetary for her. (I do of course, understand its a business, but it didnt seem quite right somehow.) Last year, when I began to waiver, I did email a local CDC. So this Monday I rang her, finally. She came to my home, and was so lovely it seemed the right thing to do for me. Mind you, it is sooooo hard going back to ss-ing after such a long break. Day two for me , and I could honestly eat my left arm. (Protein tho, so ok!!) I prefer the flexibilty of cd too. If I find I just cannot SS anymore, there are other weight loss progarmmes I can follow incorporating the CD packs with a healthy diet. Of course, the loss is slower but the supprt is still there.

Ideally I would like to Ss to my final goal, which is "only" 5 stone away, rather than the 10 it was in Feb last year. May be, if I can stick to it, by Sept/Oct I will be there, at my target?? Who knows??

Yes, lets keep in touch. We know we can and have "done it", just need a gentle tap on the btm to shove us off in the right direction once again!!

Night night. Need to sleep now or might not be responsible for my actions!!



French Honey
Hello AJ

No, we haven't spoken before, I'm new here really, although I've been reading the boards for some time. I never knew about this site when I was doing CD before, who knows, it may have helped me then.

I hope that you are feeling much better about the scales now. When I stepped on the scales at my CDC's house she said "well, you won't be that again." :)

My weight causes me constant misery, which is why I'm doing CD again. I realised that the only time that I have been happy with myself was when I lost all that weight before, so I am here trying again. I'm finding SS okay at the moment, it's my second week and I have to admit that last week was a nightmare I just couldn't do it. Something snapped in my head on Friday and I've been much better since. I have a long way to go but I know that CD is the fastest ticket.

Good luck for tomorrow

:rolleyes:Thought you were off to bed!

Please let me know what you think of the P&O line - I absolutely LOVED my cruise:D, my family however did NOT!:(

:eek: Was lots more pennies than I had bargained for and will not be able to afford another one for quite a few years with the situation we now find ourselves in.:sigh:

:pHowever, I am saving for my next one and I want it to be on a better ship than the one we went on. Not that it was bad, just not quite what I was looking for.


Trainee Maintainer
Evenin' Helen,

Nah, still up. I've got a couple of new juvenile cats (8 months old) who are very active just around this time so I'm being entertained, watching them dart around the house, chasing each other. (see my avator).

I've been with P & O a few times over the years. Last year was with R Caribbean, which was lovely, but I also like P&O because it is a more British experience, and the kids clubs are far superior (my kids' opinion).

Going on the Aurora at the end of June - 18 nights, which is the longest cruise I've been on.

So, what did you like about your experience last year, and why did your family NOT like it?

".......Was lots more pennies than I had bargained for ....."

Was that the on-board spending?

We are always careful, and just go on one or two excursions - they are SO expensive (particularly for four), it's usually cheaper to do it yourself. (Incidentally, we have just received our excursions booklet and one of the days out - a helicopter ride - is an incredible £975 per person!). We don't tend to drink alcohol except occasionally, and just buy one formal photograph to remind us of the holiday.

I do think though, that comparing our early P&O cruises with recent ones, corners are being cut to save costs, in order to compete with all the competition, particularly RC and the like, I would imagine.

Having said that, it is still a marvelous way to visit many destinations in a short time, and in style.

I am looking forward particularly to sitting on deck with a cup of (Earl Grey) tea as the ship slowly glides up one of the fjords. The scenery is breathtaking, and I have a small pair of binoculars too, to check out detail. I've been to Iceland before and the savage landscape is awesome, so alien to what I'm used to.

Hi amanda Jayne
Well I also put the whole 4 st 12 lb back on that i lost with CD and a few more pounds. I eventually went to WW having been totally inspired by starlight's great losses and that's when I found out my new bigger weight. After 4 weeks on WW I have lost 11 lb and definately feel in control. Next weigh in today.

Will I see you at the Glasgow meet? I do hope so

We can do it

Irene xx


Trainee Maintainer

How lovely to 'speak' to you again. I so well remember chatting with you in Newcastle and thought to myself what an inspiring lady you were, so full of wisdom and kindness.

"........Well I also put the whole 4 st 12 lb back on that i lost with CD and a few more pounds...."

God, what are we like Irene:eek:. I am hoping that one day I can be like KD and actually maintain my weight loss. It'll be a first, I can tell you.

At this stage I am not joining any diet clubs, but will concentrate on eating stuff that is kind to me. I am also going to do some thought records again. Hopefully this will target the 'crooked thoughts' that have managed to get the upper hand good and proper.:(.

It is fab that you've already lost 11lbs after only four weeks. What type of stuff are you eating just now, what are your boundaries?

I will definitely be at the Glasgow meet. I was also hoping to get to the Birmingham meet, but family committments have to come first!

The interview, yes, I am actually looking forward to it. I guess it's because I am comfortable with the knowledge and experience I can contribute to the post. They would be mad to reject me:D.


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