not sure I can do it any more


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I just cant stop eating!

I'm craving carbs so badly and I keep eating all the wrong things because i keep thinking if I'm going to cheat I might as well have something really nice.

I just feel like I'm never going to get back into the diet properly again :(
SNAP...big time...Im gutted!! My own fault i know but gutted with myself..horrid feeling..:mad:
its so awful to feel that way isnt it? I wish I could get that initial determination back again but I just dont know how to
gggrrrr....I've just been to Tescos and I hate the place!! They dint even have any fizzy water!!

It would be such a pity to throw the towel in now and put the weight you have lost back'd have to go shopping for bigger clothes....maybe if you chat to your CDC she can help you decide wat to do? SSing is vile this time of wishing I had found CD before the summer so I would be maintaining now instad of trying to lose weight!!
i seriously feel like crying right now I just can't believe how weak willed I am to give in so easily lately.
I think there must be something in the water at the moment.
I'm craving things almost constantly at the moment too.

Keep flighting it. Can't remember who sent it to me in a PM but someone said "Nothing tastes as good, as being thin does"
It's even harder at this time of year, but we can do it :)

Kitty xxx
i seriously feel like crying right now I just can't believe how weak willed I am to give in so easily lately.

You are sooo not weak gotta snap outta that!! You work hard all day, surrounded by food and you have done since you started CD, if you were weak willed you wouldnt have managed as well as you have done so far...its a hard time of year to be on a diet of any sort, everywhere you turn theres tonnes of yummy food that doesnt seem to be there any other time...

You have a lot going on in your life anyway with the kids and you were trying to sort out your mortgage as well not so long ago werent you? Dont beat yourself up for feeling weak willed as you put it, be proud of how far you have come and remember that you are well able to do this.....head needs to go back to the right place....look at your yummy dress...
i seriously feel like crying right now I just can't believe how weak willed I am to give in so easily lately.

one think keep me awake about my diet.... a picture off me on my fridge 3 months ago ...

februry i was 24 stones....
now im 16 stones
and i need to loose again ...

keep doing love ....
thinks about your new shape...:rolleyes:
look at your yummy dress...

maybe thats the problem. The dress looks rubbish really and in the time left till christmas I cant lose enough to make a difference to it.

I really tried this week but still haven't lost any weight so that was getting me down too. I'm tired and yure right I am surrounded by food all day, I go without anything myself till about so I am making myself feel deprived. I'm serving people all sorts of tasty food all day and it is very hard not to want to have it myself.
well done on what you have done so far. It's not easy. I've been CD for a year now and lost lots but think the last stone and half is the hardest. I just keep thinking I want my dream to wake up slim to happen. if you have a hiccup start the next day not the next week. email us. think of all your smiley moments that being thinner has given you.
sending you 'you can do it' vibes.
Hi Kati

Sorry to hear you're struggling - it's not easy, it's really not & you're not weak willed. We've all been where you are right now & it sucks. This time of year has got to be the hardest time of all to diet, everywhere you look is lovely food & treats & everybody's going out for meals or talking about it, it's sooo difficult. Don't be so hard on yourself, that's the first step as you'll end up in a downward spiral of feeling bad, then miserable then sod it and eat everything. Agree with Swankyswan, it may be worth thinking about moving up a step, just to give yourself a bit of space. But you know, there's no easy answer, I'm trying to "be good" at the moment, just to lose a few pounds before Christmas, and I'll failing miserably. Just stick with it, re-think of all the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place and keep them in mind daily. Everytime that "chatterbox" strikes, find something to do, something to keep you busy, keep you occupied - come on here & talk to everyone, or go on the arcade - anything to keep you out of the fridge.

Take care honey, you can do it.

kati keep doing !! i know at this time of the year food is a tentation but keep your target and come here and everyone going to motivate you ...

drink lot of water if you feel bad ..come talk or hairdresser , massages, pamper yourself by another way is not a good friend ...

look what you have done and keep in your mind this you did , sorry my english is so bad but i try to give a booster ..

i fight all day after day to lost this adiction about food and this works ...

be proud about yourself .
Ok thankyou for the support everyone it's really very nice of you all.

I will get myself back into it tomorrow. I think maybe because I don't have anything all day I'm feeling deprived and over compenate when I get home and can finally have someething to eat. Also I don't have enough variation for my 790 meals so I need to buy some more food to choose from.

I'm just too impatient and want all the weight off by yesterday.

Methenie your english is great and your support is wonderful thankyou. you always apologise for your english being bad but I'm sure everyone understnds and its the support tht is more important than using the exact correct wording :)
Hi Nikki

Hope you are feeling better about things today - you are NOT weak in any way shape or form. Have a chat with your CDC and ask their advice.. I'm sure they will have loads of ideas to help you. You don't have much to lose so please don't be too hard on yourself.. it is bound to be tough... it isn't a sign of weakness or failing to struggle.. in fact, to acknowledge our struggles is a positive strength! It was years of NOT acknowledging but denying that got most of us in this situation in the first place!

So - new day, new dawn.. fresh start... and if you can't think of it in terms of each day then just face it hour by hour hon. :D

Have a good long think about why you feel it is so important to lose this last bit and if you maybe need to rethink your goal..? I dunno... it has to be whatever YOU want it to be hon and only YOU can do this. Sending hugs and mega positive vibes today! xx
Hey Nikki, hope your feeling better today hun, you will be ok....if nothing else, sheer pigheadedness and stubborness should get you thru...this is probably the first good thing you have done for yourself in a long time, dont let somthing inside you spoil it for you!