Not sure if I should go on Weight Watchers? Could use some guidance

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Jennabells, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jennabells

    Jennabells New Member

    My new yrs resolution is to lose 40 pounds, nd I was thinking about joining weight wathcers to do this. I was reading up on the program and read an article that made me question if its right for me.

    I dont no if i am allowed to post links? sorry if *Snipe*
    What do you think, should i go for it or not?
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  3. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hiya only you can know if it would work for you.

    What is making you doubt it will work? Maybe if you can give us your concerns we can help you address them to give you a better decision
  4. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    Hi. If you can let us know what your concerns are then we can help answer your queries.

    However only you really know what will work for you. I know someone who struggled with WW but lost a huge amount on SW... me on the other hand SW would be a nightmare and WW really works for me!!!

    As I said let us know your concerns amd issues with WW then we can help you make an informed decision either way.

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  5. Jennabells

    Jennabells New Member

    Mainly in that article it was mentioned that weight watchers has a really high failure rate, and even ppl that do good on it tend to struggle with 'yoyo' weights after and end up having to come back.
  6. Loopyluc

    Loopyluc And Again...........

    With the yoyo'ing I think that is any diet depending on the individual person, ww has a maintence programme I think, so you can adjust your points so you know how many you will maintain on, which is going to help me, as I will know where I stand.

    What does ww say about the failure rate? This is my second time on it lost 2stone the first time and kept all that off (been on a different diet since and put what I lost on that back on). Think it's all down to the individual, so it's all about positive thinking!

  7. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    To be honest every plan has high failure rates. People get to target and then go back to their old eating habits so the weight goes back on.

    If you view it as a lifestyle change and stick with counting after they make target then it will stay off. It's all down to your own willpower.

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  8. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    I vaguely remember hearing that all diets have something like a 90% failure rate, so I don't think it's unique to Weight Watchers. In fact, it might have been as high as 99%.

    I think the problem is less the plan and more the way people implement it. People start diets with the idea that they'll cut things out, lose the weight and then stop the diet. It doesn't work like that. You can't stop doing something that worked and expect things to stay the same. Weight Watchers - and any other diet for that matter - is something you take on forever. That doesn't mean you're restricted your whole life, but no one is going to stay thin if they go back to eating the way that made them fat in the first place.

    Don't look at Weight Watchers as a diet. Look at it as a new way of eating. You'll make healthier choices, you'll learn portion control, you'll learn how to eat for your size/weight, etc.

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