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Not sure what day I'm having yet !

Hi Everyone

I've been doing extra easy or green for the last few days, but today I had a small tin of mackerel in tom sauce for my lunch and so I'm not sure if this should be a healthy B and stick to a green day or if I can make the rest of the day extra easy, or even go red (I dont eat meat though). Any ideas ? I think I'm ok to go either way as the rest of the day has been neutral:

Breakfast: porridge + milk (HB+HA)
snacks: 4 clementines, small banana, apple, grapes
Lunch: small tin of mackerel, sweetcorn, sprouts, leek and onion.
Tea: ??? not sure yet ???

Gobolino ;) x
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Sweetcorn isn't free on red, and tinned mackerel isn't on the HEb list for green online (sardines and pilchards are but only 71g)
Stick to EE and sweetcorn and tinned mackerel are free
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Thanks ! I just wanted to double check really, but it seems like all the options are open for my evening meal.

I cant believe how flexible this plan is, so I could either go with a red meal (giving me an A and B still to use) or an ee meal (meaning I could have a bit red a bit green or even all green, but no more A's and B's).

Wow - thats all I can say !
Thanks, EE it is then ! Now I just need to think of what I fancy cooking :)
I love EE! The only time I feel restricted is when I want cereal for breakfast and need to decide what to do with my milk allowance because of the 1 HEX a and b choice. Like you, I eat the mackerel in tomato sauce and buy loads because it's so versatile.
:p EE is really easy as the name says! I think its made me eat more fish too... not eating meat I used to think it was daft to have a red day as I wouldnt want fish for dinner and for tea, neither would I want to spend a healthy extra on it. But with EE I think eating fish with my meal makes sense ! My hubby bought the tinned mackerel and I wasnt sure if I'd like it but it was quite yummy :)

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