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Right, so I'm 2 days off my 100 days! YAY! but still have a way to go

Anyway, at class today only two of us turned up - the rest disappeared over Christmas. :(

Now as my 100 days have come to an end, I should move into a development class. I was told b4 Xmas that this would be Monday evenings 7:30pm. I was pleased about that as I really want my Sunday's back.

This morning I arrived and the 10am class were still there. My counsellor invited me in and introduced me and said this is GG and she'll be joining your group next week.

When I said, no - we agreed I would be in the Monday class she said - oh well "you'll lose out".

Later I asked her about the Monday class and she said it was on 6pm on Monday. I reminded her she'd said it was 7:30pm and she was confused.

Anyway after much working out, it turned out that she had been going to start a new class. She had described the participants (drawn from various groups) she had in mind as v. dedicated and a good group for me to join. But now, it seems they've all gone AWOL. The 6pm class, she said, was mostly strugglers and people whose heads are not really in the same place as me. (her paraphrased words not mine).

She says the 10am Sunday class are very together and from my brief meeting today, they do seem really nice.

The problem is that having thought it was Monday I've arranged 2 weekends away in the next couple of months and was about to arrange a 3rd - which means I'll still be paying my £66 a week but not getting the benefit. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me.

Additionally she is very very unstructured in the classes. LL follows a specific programme with a topic to discuss every week, an exercise to do, a DVD to watch, homework and various other bits and bobs. We've done none of that. I don't really mind as I've enjoyed the groups. I really like her and her style - but the unstructured thing is not helping as it does mean people are coming and going, dates are changing etc etc. Additionally she's going away for another month in April - so I'll have to change to someone else for the month (she's got someone who'll take us on apparently) - but who knows what time/day that will be?? Frankly, it's beginning to pi$$ me off.

I should also add that I'm travelling quite some distance to go to these classes - they're not in my area at all.

I'm half tempted to switch to Cambridge - but I really do feel I need the counselling - my problems are so deep. I do feel like my counsellor really cares and in fairness to her, she'll extend classes by 15 mins or so without asking for payment etc. She's also extremely knowledgeable and has been doing this for years - she was one of the founders of the programme. She really works with us to talk us through our issues - which I really like. But I'm worried about what other changes are around the corner.....???? For example, she had said she was giving up, but today she says she's not.. I'm beginning to realise that I can't count on her to be consistent which is quite important to me.

If I change LL counsellor and join a development group elsewhere, there's no guarantee that it will be at a more convenient time and also I won't know most of the stuff - as we haven't followed the book at all and I'll still have to travel quite far.

I'm also beginning to think there's something drastically wrong with me - I left my first counsellor to move to this one. :(

I also worry a bit about certain aspects of Cambridge (apart from the lack of counselling).
1. I want to get down to a mid-range BMI through sole-sourcing (I believe you can't SS any more on Cambridge once you hit 25 - is this right?)
2. I don't want to do AAM type stuff as I just feel it's a recipe for disaster for me.

That being said.... there's quite a few CDCs in my area (south London) maybe there's a fab one there with counselling experience?

Any advice oh wise ones???? :confused:
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Wow difficult one. Obviously, in the end it's a very personal decision, especially since you are getting so much from your current LLC. I can try to answer the CD questions though :

1. Once you hit a BMI of 26 or within 1 stone of your goal weight, you can no longer SS. You go through the maintenance/stabilisation programme to lose the last stone.

2. If you don't want to do AAM, you will need a signature/note from your Dr confirming s/he is happy for you to SS for the period of time you require.

There is a large choice of CDCs in London, and you may well find that some of them have counselling experience which would help you.

I wish you luck making your decision.
just go for pop ins for the next 2 weeks and then switch to cd as you have done soooo well and post here as you do ..........i finish my 100 days on wed !! but going to ss for another month xx
Wow.... thanks for such a quick response DQ. I'm thinking I need to sleep on it for a few days - maybe go along next week at least and see how I feel about the new group.

Your info is really helpful thanks.

I would definitely give it some thought, and sleep on it. It's a big decision you're making - don't be rushed into anything mate :)
im a bit concerned is every cdc is supposed to "make" their clients start the plans and give up ss when they get to the stage "stone to go to goal!".. i know people with a BMI as low as 22 and still doing ss..... so i would like to ask

is this cdc not doing her job correctly, is it 100% that you CANNOT ss with a BMI that low?

say if a persons goal was a BMI of 19.5 for instance, does that mean they are heading for trouble and that their cdc should be talking to them if they have lost lots and still suspect them of ssing with a BMI of 21??

sorry if this sounds confusing... but i dont want to worry about some people!.... hehe and its not me... im well overweight still :(

cos i thought the reasoning behind introducing the food, is because you are still actually going to lose a fair bit going up the steps..aam.790 100 etc.. so you have to leave "room" in your healthy BMI for that or the risk of going underweight...hmm...
i just want the facts so i know :)

sorry if thats a bit long winded there.. think i have confused myself! :eek: :confused: :rolleyes:

I DO APOLOGISE... just realised where i posted this and this aint the right place.... sorry... :rolleyes: :eek:
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its not you thats the problem - the LLC doesn't fully appreciate how key sheis to her clients success and future stability.

I know that you don't want to change but why not try speaking to other LLC's near you and perhaps sitting in on a session at a time that suits you and is at your stage of development.

I would only stick with LL if I felt I was getting the 'extra' tat my £66 was paying for - ie. the counselling suitable to me and the stage I was at. Sure,, you can miss the odd one due to diary conflict (and with my job I expect it for example) but not as you have described it.

At this stage you need consistency and what you described is not consistent - are you in contact at all with the AWOL people? - if so, have you found out why they went AWOL - maybe they just switched for the reasons you are now experiencing

Good luck and stay with it