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Not the result i had hope for

Right time to be back and thought i would have a new thread not one full of past disasters. My weight has stayed the same lately within a lb or 2 and trust me with what i have eaten thats a surprise lol ( Cornwall cornish pasties are to DIE for lol ). We were away for the weekend and had a fab time, i got to go riding and realised how much i miss it, i want to go back but the schools all round here have weight limits so i have to shed some lbs then i will start that again.

So anyway the diet is fine, but it always is for the first few days. The reason i usually stumble is treats, i allow myself a treat if i have been good and lost weight and if that was the end it would be fine but that usually drags on for days an sometimes even weeks. I have decided to allow myself treats only if i have saved the points for them, if i havent i will not have it. Im going to try and see non food items as treats rather than food. So wish me luck and my journey begins AGAIN lol !!!!!
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Hi, welcome back and good luck.

I'm terrible for treats too, been trying to break my way of thinking about it recently as i've realised that i use food to treat myself, cheer myself up, reward myself, entertain myself etc etc! So far though Core seems to be helping me to break out of that habit.


nearly there!! :)
welcome back xx well done on not putting up loadsa weight keep up ur good work xx
Hello hello hello!

Good to see you back ;)

Ooooh, the dreaded treats - I too and guilty of that. Monday = weigh day = treat day. It was working quite well to start with too, but I'm now on a 'treat day' that's lasted nearly 3 weeks, lol, so I'm trying to get back on the ww wagon too.

Good luck with it! x


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Ooooooo welcome back Vodaka :) ........
Ohhhhh your all going or have been to cornwall :( i miss home! ... am going home in Oct tho so thats cool! hehe .....

Funny you saying about riding! i was looking at websites round me yesterday am thinking about starting again as i miss it! ... i told my eldest we could go for a hack together when ive sorted it out! woohoo cant wait lol .....

anyhoo welcome back hun! stay away from the snacks! :p
I thought i had done well this week and thought i was going to have a decent loss but i weighed in this morning and was a STS. I was a bit gutted and to be honest havent been too bothered counting today but did go out for a bike ride for an hour with my OH and could feel it in my legs. I will be back to it properly tomorrow cos i know that another day off wont aid me in ANY weight loss next tuesday :cry:
Wish me luck
Well the end of the second week produced a better result, 2lb off. I have changed to core for a bit to see if that helps me out, i have a feeling it will as i have PCOS and i dont feel the constant snacking is doing me any favours. I usually eat the crustless bread and have with 0 point ham and can eat 6 or 8 slices of bread somedays, its all within my points BUT having PCOS i dont think all the carbs are heloing me.
Core appears to be different in that you can snack but on fruit and veg keeping the crab intake lower and all my meals are pretty much based on the core ingredients in the evenings so that will still be fine and it will eliminate the weighing which my partner struggles to remember and he is the one that cooks the most.

Anyway i will keep you updated on how i find it, so far this morning i have had 2 weetabix with a banana sliced on top. We are having chinese tonight so that will come out of my weekly points allowence but as we are making the fried rice at home the whole thing will only be 4 points ( wooohoooo lol ):D:D
G: 10st7lb
Hi and well done on your 2lb loss thats brilliant!

I loved Core when I did it but unfortunately I didn't lose any weight on it.

I know if you are suffering from PCOS that low GI food is supposed to help so instead of crustless bread why don't you try something more low GI like wholegrain bread or the Vogel/Burgen Linseed and Soya bread or Tescos do these amazing range of breads in their wholegrain range, the malted 5 grain pave is the best!!! Totally yummy, the spelt and sunflower seed one is pretty lovely too.

Good luck with core and your next WI
Thanks, yesterday was quite good actually i had what seemed like less food but felt more satisfied

Brekfast was 2 weetabix, skimmed milk and a banana on top. Was a bit hungry mid morning so had a tin of sardines in tomato sauce on 2 ryvitas.
Went to work and took an apple, banana, 3 ryvita and wafer thin ham and a small homemade salad with quails eggs.
I usually take loads of stuff to work and graze all day long snacking on crisps and snack bars and never really feel full up but yesterday was different. So dy one down and im impressed, now if i can actually lose weight this week on it ( Friday being d day ) i will be chuffed lol :D
Hello! I hope that it goes all well for you!

I love my treats to much to lol! but i try and allow them asand when i can lol

Any diet is so stressful thats why i keep a tea towel handy to bite on as i have no nails left LOL! x
Well i have to say that so far core seems to be working, did the weekend and it was easy, too easy i thought so i checked and was down 1lb. Then did monday and tuesday and had stuffed marrow one day and spag bol with garlic bread slice another day and checked again and seem down another 1lb. Official WI is Friday but im really hopeful that its going to be a good week. I didnt think i could do core due to the lack of snacking points but im so glad i tried it now as im finding it much easier than points for now ;)
I'm terrible for treats too, been trying to break my way of thinking about it recently as i've realised that i use food to treat myself, cheer myself up, reward myself, entertain myself etc etc! So far though Core seems to be helping me to break out of that habit.
I'm guilty of this too, I'm trying to find other ways of treating myself. Today instead of doing housework when my son had his nap I watched a DVD :) It was my reward for doing well the last few days :):):) and the housework still gets done just with some help from a keen 2 year old! :D
Sounds like core is going well for you vodaka. I'd like to do it more often as I don't like weighing and measuring but I worry about missing my snacks. Although I had a big lunch today and found that I don't want to snack this evening so maybe I just need to get into the habit of eating more at mealtimes.


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Hey Vodaka :) .. sounds like your doing great on Core i tried it properly 2 weeks ago and lost 3lb although ive regained it ! lol .. Im back on the core wagon now! well trying to be! ...
Hope friday bring a great official w.i huny :)
Right a whole week of core is over and to be honest i have enjoyed it. for dinners this week i have had rabbit and venison stew, spag bol, roasts, stuffed marows and havent gone over my weekly points at all. I was hoping for a huge loss as people seem to see miracles on core but i have only lost 2 lb ( not complaining ) but i desperatly convinced myself i would be in the 13's again this week and they have JUST eluded me again lol. I am however confident that i will get there next week.
~Like i said i lost 2lb but i feel i gained so much more, i gained control over my food again, something i havent flt for a while. My constant snacking i have realised is not needed just a habit, my incessent use of bread is the same, i havent eaten bread for week and havent missed it once, i have simply found other lunches. I was guilty of having one bag of special k snacks for instance and then thinking im not full i will have another and in the end had eaten too many on snacks and didnt have enough left for a decent dinner and was thinking well if im going to be over anyway i may aswell have a takeaway and dessert and really blow it :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: no logic looking back and i didnt really enjoy it but it ha become a way of life almost.

Anyway enough babble from me, i have just treated myself to a bacon and duck egg sandwhich and REALLY enjoyed it ( even more knowing the only points was in the bread lol ) so im confident and looking forward to the coming week, good luck to everyone else with WI coming up;):D

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