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Not very well :(



Is determined and focused
I'm sorry your feeling so poorly:hug99:

Maybe try some water flavouring hot, bit like a lemsip?

Really hope you feel better soon:hug99:

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
sounds disgusting but salt water gargled will help your throat if it's the top half ;) Salt is a great healer. :)

Also perhaps having a Zero carb ice-pop? or freeze a tetra brick if you have one..

((hugs)) hope you feel better soon


Angelic Fruitcake
Sorry to hear your unwell but you can take painkillers I do and stay in ketosis just don't take the ones with the sugar coating hope you feel better son xxx
I took some pain killers last night still feeling awful i might make myself some ice pops :D can i take something like cold and flu tablets? or only paracetamol? I dont want to knock myself out of ketosis as im sure i will feel worse trying to get back into it than i do now.

Cheers for the huggles :eek:


Angelic Fruitcake
I'm sure you can take cold and flu tablets. My CDC told me when I had a cold and was panicking about taking medicine was not to be to over the top with it obviously you have to be strict but if you are sick take medicine to get better as the last thing you want is to get more ill and end up having to take a break from the diet completetly. For the record when I was sick I had lemon and honey medicated throat lozenges painkillers and a cup of tea with some skimmed milk in it I stayed in Ketosis and had my biggest weight loss that week. So just take care of yourself and get better my sweet and don't worry about taking medicine xxx

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