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Now I am really really cross


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I have just been told about what has been said about my weight loss by someone who has been very spiteful to me over recent months.
She went on and on about how unhealthy LL was, and that someone had died doing it, that I had lost too much weight, didn't look good etc etc.
In the bigger picture I don't give a monkeys about what she says or thinks. I am just annoyed right now because she said it behind my back grr....

Methinks she is suffering from the green eyed monster too.....
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Lovin it !!! :)
how catty - sound like you are definitely right - jealous or what. So if someone has died then why is the company still thriving and the plan being enforced in a lot of medical professions to combat obesity.
Take no notice - some people just cannot bear to see others successful.
Hey Yorkie
There was a thread earlier in the week quite similar to this, and it's really interesting how bitchy some people can get with you about the loss.
i personally have one 'friend' who I've not seen since the day before I started LL, and I just know that when I do see her it will be full of backhanded compliments like you wouldn't believe. There is no way that I'm telling her what I've been doing in any detail. She will be the absolute queen of the 'you'll put it all back on really quickly' comment!
I wouldn't give any of these comments from this person a second thought. Some people will want you to stay heavy - it makes them feel better about themselves.



has started again!!
Yup!! Sounds like jealousy to me. My sister is the only one who so far has not "noticed" my 5 stone loss, and myLLC says that this says more about her than it ever does of me!! Maybe your"friend" has the same issues???

Just ignore it, you are a superstar and you know it!!
How mean,

you are right to ignore such unfounded and just plain rude bits of gossip.

However worried by one of your replies to this post about lack of bedroom action! Is everybody getting more than me? LOL

Sam xx


Just one day at a time
How rude is she and it just proves that she doesn't know anything.

LL is given to patients at Hope Hospital in Manchester. Why would they do that if it was bad for you?

You are right, she is definitely jealous and it just proves how well you have done.

Ignore her and concentrate on the most important person in the world.......YOU.

What a fab weight loss and WELL DONE.


Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Ahh Yorkie girl, she sounds like a right b*tch, she is jealous that you've lost all the weight, does she have a weight problem herself? She doesn't want you to look better than her!
She's just trying to find fault with the diet because she's jealous. If anyone had died through this diet I think we'd probably all know about it.

Just ignore the negative comments from people like her.
Remember you have achieved a lot, well done.


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Don't blame you being mad at all. It is so much more a reflection on them that you. We discussed this in my development group today and all agreed this.

These people are just taking out their own insecurities on you. I met someone this week who after an hour of meeting me (having not seen me for 6 months) didn't mention my weight loss at all except to say what are you going to do when you regain all the weight!!!

Some people are so sad AND really need to see some action!!
I agree with the ladies here. Pure Jealousy!

I can understand how you feel! Someone at work was complimentary about my weight loss at first. She has been trying to lose a bit of weight. Suddenly, she got quite cyncial, saying I was losing so much weight that I will disappear! She behaved as if I would succumb to anorexia! :mad: Since then, I just ignored her. She does not know me at all.

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