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NOW my hair is thinning out!


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When I did LT last year for 12 weeks my hair came out in clumps and went thin, lucky for me I have very thick long hair so it was only noticable by me BUT it all grew back even thicker after LT.

Now I only did it this time for 5 weeks and refeeding now and my hair isn't coming out in clumps but it's gone quite thin, I thought I'd got away with it but not. I wonder how long it'll be before it grows back thicker this time?
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I was told to expect that, as it's something to do with some cycle, but grows back within 6 months...

I don't think I was listening that well ;)
The lipotrim website has the "poorly made informational video" on it. Generally this would start regrowing within a month after finishing and re-establishing a normal dietry balance. Ketosis does cause a tempory hair restriction, but not hair loss. It stops the hair from growing and puts it into a state of "sleep" and as old hair falls out (which occurs normally) there is no new hair to replace it immediately. Given a few weeks and you should notice your hair start to thicken again, but may take slightly longer depending on the length of your hair to notice a big difference :) HTH
Try not to dwell on this thought too much as its not something that happens to everyone! Plus, dont look at it as hair loss as you arent actually loosing any hair, though "hair sleep" does sound a little silly. haha

If your worried and it does start to occur you could always use a thickening shampoo, such as "mop lemon grass" shampoo. Bit expensive, but I know other people who love it!


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WOW think i must've been paying as much attention as beatthebelly..i didn't know any of this! hope it starts thickening up for you again..that shampoo sounds helpful!!
If anyone wants to watch the very poorly edited video again, it is on the lipotrim home page, though I dont think i could sit through another sitting without nodding off! haha
Glad I could help. If your concerned you could always try to take a multivitamin (with a complex vitamin b and vitamin a) which helps hair as its some of the main vitamins that it needs. Other than that, time is your friend :)

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