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Was on LL for two weeks and had a problem with going to loo, was advised to take some laxatives. They gave me severe stomach cramp and then very loose bowels. I have been on CD for a week and again am struggling to go to the loo, took laxatives again and again I suffered for two days. I am drinking at least 4ltrs of water so that should not be the problem. Don't want to buy the stuff from the CDC in case it has the same effect...anyone have any ideas? Will it get better in week 5 when I do AAM?
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Jack, hang on, there is a really good thread on here all about toilet troubles, ill find you the link.

Just to let you know though, fibre 89 is not a laxative as such, its a bulking agent so it shouldnt make you rush to the loo.

Ill find the post and let you have it in a sec x


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Here you go Jack
I copied and pasted one of my old posts on the subject. :)

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I suffered terribly from constipation in the early days. It got so bad that I had to resort to suppositries and I even considered giving up the diet I was in such discomfort.

Then I tried psyllium husks and I haven't looked back since. So here's the low down on psyllium husks and your innards. (Biology lesson coming up)

Your bowels work by being 'triggered' to contract and expel waste when the contents are bulky enough to press against the walls. All the time that waste sits in your bowels, water is being extracted. Therefore, if there's waste sitting in there for any period of time, it soon becomes dry and hard: this makes it difficult to expel.

On a VLCD, we don't have a lot of waste products as an end product of digestion so it can often be days before there's enough to press against the bowel walls. Cue constipation ....

Laxatives are a solution .... but only as a short term 'fix'. If you use laxatives regularly, then they can interfere with the natural mechanisms of the bowels and make them 'lazy' and reliant on being artificially stimulated.

The best solution is a bulking agent which will enable your bowels to work naturally like they're supposed to. This is where psyllium husks come in. They are 100% natural and contain no calories or carbs so they don't interfere with the diet. The body cannot absorb or digest them. They absorb 20 times their own weight in water which means when you take them and drink plenty of fluid, they bulk up the contents of your bowels and hey presto!!

They are also gentle and so are suitable for people with IBS. You can buy them in powdered husk form (this is how I take them). I add 2 teaspoons to my morning shake and another 3 teaspoons to my evening soup. It thickens them up - in fact the soup is like a broth - I love it!

If that's not something you fancy, then psyllium husks can be bought in capsule form. They are not a cure and should be taken every day as a preventative.

They absolutely transformed my experience on this diet and I haven't had to take a laxative since.

Remember to drink extra water when taking them though.

I buy my PH online (cheapest way to do it) - here's the link to the company 'Healthspan'.

and if you prefer the idea of capsules, Holland & Barrett sell them -here's the link &CID=15&Page=4

Hope this helps!!

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I would just like to add that on Debbie's recommendation I have been using PHushs for a couple of weeks or so and they are fab :D

Debbies have the toilet issues covered so I won't talk about that except to say that I never had constipation except when my water dropped below my usual 6l's a day but there are other benefits that make me wish that I had taken her advice ages ago.

I started to get bored with the diet and solved it by cooking more than the recommended 1 pack a day which is not healthy.

I now use hot water and 2 tea spoons of PH to make a porridge for breakfast. It makes a massive bowl full so now I can split my first pack and have an extra meal.

For those thinking about the soup, I tried adding ph to the chicken and no kidding, it turned into cream of chicken soup in both texture and taste (I'm on LL).

I really recommend the PHs ;)


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I didnt reply earlier as i knew some people would come along that were used to talking poo. ;) :D Just kidding

On a serious not though, i hope you get sorted soon.


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Psyllium Husks

I take Physillium Husks every day and my regular "habit" has not changed. I can't recommend them enough, even if you're onot on CD


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PH and fibre 89 aren't the same but are supposed to work in the same way i.e both bulking agents. It's a case of finding what suits you best.

Personally, for value, effectiveness and the fact I can mix it with food packs to thicken them, I prefer psyllium husks. I'm afraid Fibre 89 did nothing for me - although others may find them very effective. :)


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I've ordered mine today using the link (I couldn't find any cheaper online). Bizzarely I've only been suffering on Thursdays over the last couple of weeks!!


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Psyllium husks and not so much water!! ;) :D


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Well Inloko, I heard someone say once that if you didn't drink plenty O' water when taking PH, it would have 'the opposite effect' and bung you up a bit.

I've never tested that theory though ..... fancy being a guinea pig?? :)


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Good show Inloko! Remember to drink your usual intake though (don't want you shrivelling like a prune!)


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PH is especially good for people with IBS and they swing from one extreme to the other don't they .... fingers crossed they do the trick Inloko!