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:o 7am... every day please!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Makes a change from the usual 5/5:30am my toddler normally treats me to. I must add he woke at 2:45, by 3 we were wondering why he was chatting away, went in and he was soaked, 3layers soaked. His nappy leaked poor boy lol. Had to do full change of clothes by which point he was wide awake, which then meant he needed milk to make him dowsy. All in all he was up 30mins. But still... that caused him to sleep 1.5hrs longer than normal...!

...and I woke up starving! I normally have breakfast at 6ish lol FEED ME! :D:D:D

Sorry that wasn't very interesting lol.xx
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I happened to mention to my OH this morning that I'd prefer it if he could leave me to doze when he gets up at 5.30 to get ready for work, rather than wake me up - I don't need to be up for another 45 minutes, and I get grumpy if I'm woken too early. Unfortunately, I didn't chose the right time and we ended up having 'words' about it - I only mentioned it to try and stop me being grumpy in the mornings (which he doesn't like - for obvious reasons!)

So anyway, I'm with you JJ - more sleep every morning would be lovely!!! lol


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Men eh...

My OH works at night so I always get woken at some point. Luckily he got in just as T was waking at 2:45am... he gets in any time between 1 and 6ish... I tell him every day to be quiet coming in, doesn't happen though lol. Sometimes he wakes T up which is really annoying! Xx


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Im with you too hun. My ds has never really slept all night or woken at a decent hour until very recently (he's 28 months) and even now we only get about 5 decent nights in a week. We slept in till 8am on Saturday - felt like the day was half over!


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i have all this to look forward to then - hehe! not for a while....i want to be a yummy mummy, so best shift some a$$ first! haha! x


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ohhhhhhhh lie ins are lust, i was woke at 10am by the sounds of my oh thrashing his motorbike down the road. can't moan he's lefts me breakfast on the bedside table and put on the heating so i could have a bath