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O/T but please help

I'm not suprised you're stressing with all that going on! With any luck, the WI in go well tonight and will make you feel a million times better about everything else!

Failing that, I always find putting some lavender oil on a tissue and keeping it close by helps. Is there anything you can do to distract yourself from thinking about it all? Go for a walk? Phone a friend?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
there are some good breathing techniques that you can practice....

Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique for Anxiety Sufferers - HealthyPlace

relax your muscles by thinking through every area of your body. sometimes we think we're relaxed when we're actually tensing our shoulders for example. when muscles are tensed the body creates more adrenalin which leads to anxiety if you're not burning the adrenal off.

maybe take a nice bubble bath.

reading a book, playing a nintendo DS or doing a crossword will help as your mind will be absorbed in something other than your worries.

hope that helps... talking from experience here! ;) x


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Thank you guys ,, think im gonna have a nice bath when i get home liten to some heavey rock to get my anger out and then get some rescue remedy or some calms, will definatley need that thursday morning,, does it work?


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My favourite is go for a walk, always calms me down and helps me think, even if its just for 5 minutes the fresh air helps. Its a bit of an OCD for me but writing lists calms me down lol :)

Just wanted to say good luck for your driving test! I had mine last month, the best advice i got is dont go expecting to pass but dont convince yourself your going to fail.


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Thank you all :) well first worry over i lost 2LB at wi so 7.5 in 2 weeks :) i got some kalms and some rescue remedy, the rescue remady says on the box to help with driving test :) sooo just need to get my driving test out the way then i can sort my life out xxx


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Hi Lianna,

Well done on your loss!! Hope your driving test goes well. Make sure you remember to let us know how you get on, we'll all have our fingers crossed for you! :)



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I had some calms last night tho and they made me fall asleep!! defo need some TLC :) OH has just been to see me for lunch was a nice change think he can see im stressed and making more of an effort :)


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Lol!! gonna have some rescue remedy today when i feel anxious about my test,,!! the nerves have began :-( lol

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