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o/t dog help!


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I dunno if any of you know about dogs and stuff but i just have a question!

I have an 8month old puppy (labrador), and he just stole a cooked lamb chop bone off the side..and ate it! I googled it, and lots of people saying dog could be ripped internally, could be lodged in his intestines, he needs an x-ray and that this is really serious! now we are all really scared!! has this happened to anyone else? dya think this is really bad?
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hey, we've got a 13 month old lab and he's eaten all sorts (or tried to!) did he crunch it dya know? or did he eat it whole? x
Just watch out for vomiting,unable to poo or blood in vomit/poo.Labs will eat anything they can get their paws on at that age.If he seems ill take him to vet but he should be ok.


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i dont know - it went very quick as we tried to get it off him when we realised, so i dont think he crunched it :(:(. im really worried!!! have given him some buttered bread, read that this can help if it splinters?

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I used to panic whenever my dog ate a chicken bone. Now, having seen her munch through several bunny rabbits, pheasants, and other assorted wildlife in different stages of decomposition - I don't!

As B 'n' B said, watch out for diarrhoea, vomiting or obvious signs of discomfort.


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Cooked bones are different from raw bones... they tend to splinter more. Like others have said, watch the stools for blood, etc. My dog ate a corn cob once. Swallowed a great big lump of it that got stuck in his esophagus. I knew something was wrong because he was wretching a lot, and drinking tons of water and then projectile vomiting it all up. He had to be opened up and it removed, but the signs of his distress were very clear. So just keep an eye on your pup... their digestion is very acidic and designed to deal with a diet consisting of raw meat and bone. He'll probably be fine, but watch him carefully for a couple days.
We have no snow here :(! But so far he's fine, we've been playing fetch and running around this morning (all calories burned count, right?! haha) He had a poo this morning (sorry if you are eating your lunch!) my poor mum inspected it, and there was no bone there so its still in his system. I dont think i am going to walk him today, just to be on the safe side. He does seem a little less energetic, so am going to keep a close eye on him!
Aw its sweet you asked! :)
so hows your dog doing today?

as others have said cooked bones are very different from raw bones, but lamb doesnt splinter AS much as some other bones.a friend of mine didnt know that her dog had got a bone out from the kitchen bin and didnt find out till a few days later when he had a lot of blood in his poo and had to be opened up!

my dogs use to have cooked bones alot and have never had any problems....i dont feed them cooked anymore after i found out all the dangers with them.hope your pooch is ok:)
Pop a note on your calendar, so you know exactly when he ate it. Chances are he wil be totally fine, but if not, in theory, it could be weeks before a blockage causes any symptoms. Be aware of his poos. Too dark? Too light? Straining to go? Infrequent? Suddenly more frequent? Very dry? Loose? Drinking more? Less? Reluctant to eat? Lack lustre coat? Slight body odour?

I'm sure he will be fine, labs are buckets, after all! lol Nothing like a pup to make you keep a tidy house!

Not being paranoid, but having lost one of my precious dogs to a blocked bowel, you really are better safe than sorry. ♥
he seems fine, but he went for a poo when i was walking him, and it wasnt a proper poo..it was like little droplets, and not a lot of it at that. Am starting to get a bit worried.
Please don't worry yourself. It could take about ten days for the bone to go through his system. I have Old English Sheepdogs (7 of them)and theya re about the same body size as a labrador and one swallowed a teaspoon a few years ago. I was scraping leftover home made rhubarb crumble into a dog bowl and a lump stuck on the bowl of the spoon. Our Nellie grabbed the spoon and swallowed the whole lot. We looked down his throat but it ahd vanished. He didn't choke and acted normally.
I rang the vet in a panic and he was very reassuring and said as it would pass through him but obviously keep an eye on him. I fed him liquid parafin (the dog not the vet) to help things along. Nellie ate and acted normally and on the tenth day it appeared on our patio the handle still shiney and the crumble replaced with something brown looking.
Yes bones can splinter, lamb is not as bad as pork though, but if it was a smoothe bone chances are it will pass through and not lodge anywhere.
As everyone has advised here keep an eye on him for blood, wrectching or going off food. Keep an eye on his gums as very pale gums is a sign of shock. I fed my boy little and often to keep his system moving.
Good luck!
He seems fine - havent seen the bone yet though! Still his mischevious self, running around and being naughty so I think it will be ok :) Still keeping an eye on him though, just in case. Still eating and drinking normally, and seems to be going to the toilet normally too. I was so scared! Thanks for your concern Ro, its really sweet:) xxxx


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if i were you i would take him just to be sure my exs dog had to be put down because of a bone honey not saying that to scare you but he is only young and it's better to be safe than sorry and if he is so mischevious i would get some pet insurance too XXXX
I agree, if it doesn't appear get it checked out to be safe. If you get pet insurance now you wont be convered for the 'bone incident.' I had a lab cross collie years ago and he would eat anything he found. We lost a whole raw chicken once and found one leg of it stuffed behind a cushion on the sofa!

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