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i'm really get fed up with this driving lark!
i'm sure you all know my battles in this area
1st test - wasn't ready for it but had to do it cos theory was nearly running out stuffed up every available moment

2nd test - 4 minors. hit kerb on parallel pulled forward he let me do it again hit kerb on parallel stuffed up roundabouts and failed with 3 serious

3rd test - 4 minors. apparently over the line at traffic lights

just had mock
and failed 13 minors 2 serious
totally stuffed up roundabout and mounted kerb on reverse round corner

now in practice i am perfectly fine! son in law took me out last monday drove from tiverton to exeter and back no mistakes!

drive with hubby at weekend- stuff up
drive with son in law this week hit kerb on all reverse maneouvres i seem to have lost speed control going backwards
got test loomin and i feel so annoyed with myself cos i make stupid mistakes all the time
if i fail this time then i won't be able to get a test till february
like i said earlier i was doing fine but seem to have gone to pot!
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Oh sweetie....I dunno what to say - chill relax? Maybe you are trying too hard hun and your panicking?

Huni huni huni... it will all come together Im sure :(


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Ok, I didn't pass til my fifth attempt - my driving instructor was like "what is going on with you?" cos he couldn't understand why I kept failing.

Fifth test, I was having grief at work, was seriously distracted with some other stuff, stalled on a give way, swore - I passed, and the examiner said I drove like I had been driving for years!! Have some faith in yourself, stop putting pressure on yourself and keep going :hug99:

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You are definitely winding yourself up over it Hun!
Try to think that you've had the other tests and ok, you failed, but that has given you the experience to know what to do the next time...look at it as another lesson rather than a test.
Just try and relax, otherwise you will fail again.



wants a new body
S: 21st4lb C: 18st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 3st4lb(15.44%)
i know but i been at this now for nearly 5 years on and off due to my choice of lousy instructors lol back with the one i started with
i get annoyed with myself cos its took ages for it all to drop into place and it did for third test i felt so confident and he failed me! for apparently being over the line at traffic lights and it looks like i will have that route again, which incidentally i did today
i now seem to have gone to pot
i hate driving with hubby he gets arsey with me, i end up wound up
lets face it i always wound up lol having three special needs kids i not got much choice!!
i do silly things and as soon as i do i know i done it wrong i can't understand why i keep failing lol
i suppose after the last test my confidence has took a knock, but its annoying cos i know people that are a hell of a lot worse drivers that all seem to bloody pass first time
i want it soo much (god i sound like i should be on the xfactor!)


wants a new body
S: 21st4lb C: 18st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 3st4lb(15.44%)
hey at least i can lose weight lol
shows i can do summat right!!!

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Is there a friend that could take you out rather than family or Hubby??
My Dad used to panic if I went over 40 mph when I was learning to drive!!! Imagine what its like sat next to someone who grips the dashboard and tells you to slow down when arctic lorries are over taking you on a normal road!! Not funny!!! Unfortunately those close to us dont have the patience to keep calm or give us the reassurance that we need.


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bless you,
it must be costing you a fortune too so i can understand how frustrating it is...
My 2nd test was much worse than my 1st but i passed, its weird depends on ur examiner i think.
when do you have a test booked for?
I do think it helps having the right instructor...
i started to learn @ 17 i passed @ 23 and that was with my 5th instructor!
i gave up had big gaps between learning again...
my biggest advice is dont give up keep going @ it you'll get their in the end hun xxx


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I passed on my 5th attempt, and 2 of my friends passed on their 6th and 7th attempts! Don't worry so much, it doesn't mean you're a bad driver, you'll get there, just try and relax and breeeathe!

(I was asked to pull over and calm down in one test!)


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There is such a thing as practicing too much! Maybe a trip to the Dr's for some beta blockers may help you to relax. My mate took some Kalms before her test and she passed. I passed on my 3rd attempt. It also depends on who you get on the day and how many people they have already passed. They are only allowed to pass so many people you see. So the examiners could be more harsh than they normally would.

Just take a deep breath and if you fail, it's not the end of the world. You can always just keep trying.


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im an annoying one that passed first time been driving 5 years now although took a 3 year gap while at uni as couldnt afford car lol

buttttt my best advice is to pretend you are confident and i know its hard but do some acting this is what i did i pretended i was confident i was happy to chat to examiner and it worked. i did have 7 minors though hahaha i know everyone says it but just think positive and i promise it works