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O/T dunno if ya can help .....


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but need some advice plz if you can and hopefully you can help

at the moment every so often ive been getting pain in jaw, arms. sickly feeling. dizziness and then cos i panic my chest tightens is that a panic attack or gonna start a heart attack, i dont make it easier as im sat her crying but trying not to with eldest sat here i feel a plonker but i panic and dont no what courses it.

Since been losing weight it doesnt happen like it use to cos use to have palpatations every day all time but now not many but when i panic i get the odd ones, i dont wanna go docs incase he puts on medical records depression with aniexity grrr

sorry being pain all :cry:
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sorry forgot to mention, i am feeling cold and i did fall on my arm last year and thats where the pain is and with me feeling cold could that cause my arm to be sore and could trapped wind if i got any cause tightness in chest and make me panic god

soz again

Can i be very frank with you !! i am a trained medic with the job that I do. The symptoms that you descibe need to be investigated as a matter of urgency. I don;t want to worry you but you need to rule out any cardiac, or circulation problems that you may have.
As a second point the thing that you describe can be the results of very minor issues that are easy to sort out. I would suggest that you go to your GP as soon as possible and tell him/her what you have said on here. and that what is written worries you. I would suggest that to link depression with the symptoms that you have is a far stretched point.
If you need to PM I am happy to help if I can. But please go and get checked out.



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Atm pain in me arm which isnt anything unusual had it since fell on it last year, and other pain is pain in my back i think may of be trapped wind atm cos belly making funny noises. Jaw pain gone but i think that cos stupid dentist hurt me a month ago and since then when she filled a tooth i still get odd pain from it but goes round top to bottom of jaw for a while then goes, but will make appointment in morning at doc cos arm is anoying me

thanks for replying phil really appreciate it :D

Jacqui the pain you are getting you are putting down to past issues. If they persist you must get a check up. If the pain travels down the arm and the jaw pain returns, and you start feeling sick/ruff you get to the hospital. The symptoms you descibe could be cardiac in nature and on the other hand they may be something less serious.

If you feel that you need medical advice give NHS direct a ring they are really good and you will speak to a nurse practioner who will go through a check list with you and advise you.

Look out for dry mouth, and central chest pain that feels like a tight strap and/or breathing problems that feel like you are not getting enough air/someone sitting on your chest.




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ty phil i will do no problems, i dont have that sort of chest pain really tight like someone sitting on it or tightening with a belt but defo ringing docs in morning and will get it checked out thanks again alot

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